Why is USIC at My House? A Comprehensive Guide to Utility Locating Services

Have you ever spotted a USIC truck in your driveway or around your neighborhood and wondered, "Why is USIC at my house?" In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the reasons behind USIC's presence and the importance of utility locating services for homeowners, contractors, and utility companies alike.

U.S. Infrastructure Corporation (USIC) is a leading provider of utility locating services across the United States. These services are crucial for identifying and marking underground utilities before any excavation or construction project takes place. By doing so, they help prevent accidents, damage to utility lines, and costly repairs. In this article, we'll dive into the common reasons why USIC might be at your house, their utility locating process, and the steps you should take if you find them working on your property. So, let's get started and unravel the mystery behind USIC's presence in your neighborhood.

Why USIC is at Your House: Common Reasons

There are several reasons why you might find USIC at your house or in your neighborhood. Here are four of the most common scenarios:

1. Scheduled Utility Work or Maintenance

Utility companies often require the expertise of USIC to ensure the safety and efficiency of their maintenance and updates. For instance, if your local utility company is planning to replace old gas lines or upgrade electrical cables in your area, they'll need USIC to accurately locate and mark the existing utilities before starting any work. This helps prevent damage to other utility lines and ensures a smooth project execution.

2. New Construction or Home Improvement Projects

If you're planning to undertake any construction or home improvement projects that involve digging, such as building an addition, installing a pool, or landscaping, it's crucial to request utility locating services before breaking ground. This is not only a safety measure but also a legal requirement in most states. By having USIC mark the location of underground utilities on your property, you can avoid accidentally hitting a gas line, water pipe, or electrical cable, which could lead to dangerous situations and expensive repairs.

3. Emergency Utility Repairs

Sometimes, utility lines can become damaged due to natural disasters, accidents, or simple wear and tear. In such cases, USIC may be called upon to quickly locate and mark the affected utilities so that repairs can be carried out safely and efficiently. For example, if a water main breaks or a gas leak is detected, USIC will work closely with the utility company to identify the source of the problem and ensure that the repair crew can access the damaged line without causing further damage to other utilities.

4. Neighbors' Construction Projects

It's not uncommon for USIC to be working in your neighborhood due to a construction project initiated by one of your neighbors. In this case, their presence is to ensure the safety of all nearby utilities and prevent any accidental damage during the excavation process. Even if the project isn't on your property, it's essential to be aware of USIC's markings and follow any safety guidelines they provide, as utility lines often run close to property boundaries.

The Utility Locating Process

Now that we've covered the common reasons why USIC might be at your house let's take a closer look at their utility locating process:

1. Requesting Utility Locating Services

Homeowners and contractors can request utility locating services by simply dialing 811 or submitting an online request through their state's designated platform. This national call-before-you-dig hotline connects you to your local one-call center, which then notifies the appropriate utility companies of your intent to dig. These companies will typically send a USIC technician to your property within a few days to locate and mark the utilities.

2. Marking the Utilities

USIC technicians use specialized equipment, such as ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic locators, to detect the presence of underground utilities. Once located, they'll mark the utility lines using a color-coded system that indicates the type of utility:

  • Red: Electric power lines, cables, or conduit
  • Yellow: Gas, oil, steam, or petroleum lines
  • Orange: Communication, alarm, or signal lines
  • Blue: Potable water lines
  • Purple: Reclaimed water, irrigation, or slurry lines
  • Green: Sewer and drain lines
  • White: Proposed excavation limits or routes

It's essential to familiarize yourself with these color codes and respect the markings to avoid accidentally damaging any utility lines during your project.

3. Safety Precautions During Utility Work

Following USIC's markings and guidelines is crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone involved in your project. This includes maintaining a safe distance from marked utilities when digging, using hand tools instead of heavy machinery when working near utility lines, and immediately reporting any damage or exposed utilities to the appropriate utility company.

What to Do If USIC is at Your House

If you find USIC at your house or in your neighborhood, here are three steps you should take:

1. Communicate with the USIC Representative

It's essential to understand the purpose of USIC's visit and any necessary actions you need to take. Approach the USIC technician and politely inquire about the reason for their presence. They'll likely be more than happy to explain the situation and provide any relevant information or instructions.

2. Follow Safety Guidelines

As mentioned earlier, adhering to USIC's markings and instructions is crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone involved in your project. Make sure to respect the color-coded markings and maintain a safe distance from utility lines when digging or carrying out any construction work.

3. Notify Neighbors or Other Relevant Parties

If USIC is at your house due to a construction project or utility work that may affect your neighbors or other nearby parties, it's your responsibility to inform them about the situation. This will help minimize disruptions and ensure that everyone is aware of the potential hazards and safety precautions.


In conclusion, USIC's presence at your house is most likely related to utility locating services, which are essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of any excavation or construction project. By understanding the reasons behind their visit, following their safety guidelines, and maintaining open communication with your neighbors and relevant parties, you can ensure a smooth and successful project while minimizing the risk of accidents or damage to utility lines. So, the next time you see a USIC truck in your neighborhood, you'll know exactly why they're there and how to handle the situation.