What Are Good Reasons to Get Full Custody of Your Child?

Listen up, folks! When family matters turn into complex jigsaws, it’s all hands on deck. Today, we're lifting the lid on one chunk of the parental puzzle by discussing a mega-important subject: full child custody. Buckle up, because we’re diving knee-deep into what makes a person a frontrunner in the race for full custody, and trust us, it’s information you're going to be thankful for!

1. Parental Fitness – More Than Just 'Parent Material'

You know how in the movies all custody battles center around who's more 'parent material'? Yeah, well, reality’s got a bit of a curveball to it. Parental fitness doesn’t just mean whether you’ve got your parenting game on point. It's about proving that the other parent is, for lack of a nicer word, unfit.

Substance Abuse

If the other parent is going off the rails with alcohol or drugs, it's a red flag. Now, we're not saying you should start building your case every time they crack open a beer. We're talking serious substance abuse issues that impair their ability to parent effectively, putting your precious little one in potential harm's way.


It’s a sad reality, but sometimes a child’s little world isn’t as rainbows and sunshine as it should be. Cases of neglect, emotional, physical or sexual abuse are taken very seriously by the court. If the other parent's not doing right by your kiddo, it’s time for you to step in and step up.


Is the other parent pulling a Houdini on parenting duties? Vanishing acts might be cool in magic shows, but in parenting, they're a serious no-go. If the other parent's been missing in action, it's more fuel to your fire for full custody.

Mental or Physical Health

Health issues are tricky territory. Let's be clear here; having a health condition doesn't automatically make you unfit to parent. But if the other parent’s health issue is so severe it impairs their ability to care for the child, it could affect custody decisions.

2. Child Preference – The Real MVP

Believe it or not, your child gets a say in this too. After all, it's their life on the line. The court considers the child's preference, especially for older kids. Makes sense, right? They've got a better handle on their feelings and can express where they’d be happiest.

3. Stability and Continuity – Holding Down the Fort

Gone are the days when mom always got custody because she makes the best PB&J sandwiches. Nowadays, courts are looking for stability. That’s where you come in. Can you provide an environment where day-to-day routines roll smoothly? Can you guarantee school and social routines won't be disrupted? Well, then you're onto something!

Primary Caretaker

Here’s a head-scratcher: who's been the main caretaker? The law folks take this pretty seriously. If you’ve been doing most of the day-to-day child care, you’ve got points in your favor.

4. Co-parenting and Relationship with the Child

You folks might’ve called it quits on each other, but co-parenting's where it's at. If the other parent refuses to play along, it could play in your favor.

Inability to Co-parent

Gets along with your child and you? Score! Can't stand your guts? Uh-oh... If each meeting with the other parent turns into 'World War III: The Parenting Saga,' you’ve got a solid reason to go for full custody.

Child's Relationship

Is one parent’s relationship with the child stronger than the others? The legal cats running the show can tell. If you’ve got that kiddo bond going strong, it could positively impact your custody case.

5. Other Factors to Consider – The Dark Horses

You'd think by now we've got all the bases covered, right? Plot twist – there are still some other factors that could tip the scales in your favor. Let’s explore these sneaky vantage points one by one.

Parental Alienation

Ever felt like the other parent was running a smear campaign against you? Like they're constantly trying to turn your kiddo against you? Parental alienation is more common than you think. In some cases, legal peeps take note of this and might give the underdog (a.k.a., you) a leg up in the custody battle.


I think we can all agree that being behind bars isn’t exactly prime parenting material. If the other parent's currently serving some serious time, it'll impact their chances of keeping custody. This, of course, puts you in a better position.

Violation of Court Orders

Nobody likes a rule breaker, especially not in custody battles. If the other parent’s got a shaky track record of not following court orders, this could be another chink in their armor.

6. Never Forget: It’s All About the Kids

We’ve hiked through this full custody rollercoaster, decoded the legal jargon, and put everything on the table. Now it’s time to remember the most important rule to this whole thing: it's about your child's wellbeing. The courts might seem like a scary place, but at the end of the day, their priority is your kid’s welfare. So, if you're seriously considering full custody, you need to take a step back and ask yourself – what's best for my child?

7. Prepping for the Marathon: Getting Legal Help

Turning to someone with the proper know-how is a game changer. Forget the Hollywood, high-drama court showdowns – you need a legal expert to guide you through uncharted waters. Reach out to an attorney specializing in family law to get tailored advice based on the unique circumstances of your specific case.

8. Conclusion: For the Love of Our Little Ones

It's never an easy decision to go for full custody. You've got to weigh the evidence, consider the emotional impact, and do what's best for your child. But now that you've got some solid knowledge of the key factors that make winning this battle that much more possible, you'll make better-informed decisions about your little one's future. Remember, it's not just about labeling someone unfit– it's about giving your child the best life possible!

You're the real superhero here, so suit up, gather your strength, and always, always keep your child's best interests at heart. Good luck, young parent! You've got this!