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The Top 6 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Mom in 2023

Looking for the perfect last minute Christmas gift for mom but you’re down to the wire? Don’t stress! We’ve rounded up the top 6 gifts you can still get her that she’ll absolutely love - even if you buy them at the very last minute.

The holidays crept up fast this year and now you’re scrambling to find a thoughtful gift for mom with just days to spare before Christmas. But just because you waited until the last minute doesn’t mean you have to settle on a boring or generic gift. There are still great options you can get her that will arrive in time and put a smile on her face Christmas morning.

From cozy self-care essentials to useful tech upgrades, we’ve got you covered with last minute Christmas gift ideas for every type of mom. These gifts are sure to delight her without looking like you phoned it in. She’ll feel the love even if you’re cutting it close to the big day!

Whiskey Rocks Glasses Gift Set - For the Mom Who Loves Her Scotch

If your mom is a fan of scotch, bourbon, or whiskey - this is the gift for her! A whiskey rocks glasses gift set comes with 2 heavy base crystal glasses and chilling stones so she can enjoy her favorite drink the right way.

The glasses themselves are gorgeous with their crystal clear design that feels luxurious in the hand. The heavy base adds stability and prevents tipping. These are crafted to properly enhance the flavors of darker liquors like scotch or bourbon.

But the real star of the show is the set of chilling stones. Pop these soapstone cubes in the freezer and when mom is ready for a drink, add them to the glass. As they chill the whiskey or bourbon to the ideal temperature, the stones won’t dilute the liquor like ice cubes do.

This allows the full flavors to shine through with each sip. The stones also retain their cold temperature longer than ice. Mom will love sipping her evening drink out of these glasses on the rocks.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Lets her enjoy scotch, bourbon, and whiskey the proper way
  • Beautiful crystal glasses with heavy base
  • Chilling stones get the temperature just right without dilution
  • Makes a great gift set with the glasses and stones together

Get your whiskey loving mama the Whiskey Rocks Glasses Gift Set so she can end her day in style. This is one of the best last minute Christmas gifts for mom in 2023!

Oversized Organic Cotton Shawl - Cozy and Stylish

You can never go wrong gifting mom a cozy and stylish shawl to stay warm in. A soft oversized organic cotton shawl makes a practical yet thoughtful gift she’ll get tons of use out of.

The shawl is oversized for wrapping up in ultimate comfort. When made from 100% organic cotton, the shawl will be ultra soft against her skin without irritation. Organic cotton is also more environmentally friendly to produce.

This shawl is large enough to drape around her shoulders like a blanket for lounging on the couch. But it can also be wrapped or folded for more stylish wearing out of the house. The neutral colors like tan, grey or navy are easy to pair with any outfit too.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Oversized design provides extra coziness
  • 100% organic cotton is soft and skin-friendly
  • Can be worn casually around the home or styled up to go out
  • Makes a great practical gift she’ll get a lot of use from

Treat your mom to the gift of comfort she can snuggle up in all winter long. An oversized organic cotton shawl is a foolproof last minute Christmas gift!

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit - Unique and Personalized

If you want a truly unique Christmas gift idea for your mom, get her a birth month flower grow kit! This allows her to grow her own birth month flower right at home.

Each kit contains everything she’ll need to grow and nurture her birth month’s special flower. The flower type is chosen based on her birth month and the meaning behind each flower is included as well.

For example, if mom’s birthday is in April, she’ll get a daisy grow kit. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. The kit includes daisy seeds, plant food, soil discs and a decorative pot. Just add water and sunlight!

Watching her birth flower grow from seedling to fully blooming will be an educational and rewarding process. When the flower is fully grown, she’ll have a beautiful potted plant representing her birth month.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Unique gift that’s personalized to her birth month
  • Fun way for her to learn about her birth flower
  • Includes everything needed to nurture the plant from seed to mature flower
  • She’ll enjoy watching the flower grow and have a beautiful living reminder of her birth month
  • Makes a great educational activity she can do at home over the winter months
  • The final bloomed flower in its decorative pot serves as a lovely piece of home decor
  • It’s a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving from the joy of growing to having the finished flower on display
  • A truly personalized present that shows you put care into finding a gift tailored just for her

Get your mom the birth month flower grow kit this Christmas for a present she’ll treasure. The experience of nurturing her birth flower combined with the final flowering plant makes this a keepsake she’ll love.

Kindle 2023 Release - Perfect for the Mom Who Loves to Read

If your mom is an avid reader who is still clinging to physical books, upgrade her to the latest Kindle so she can enjoy her favorite hobby with more convenience.

The 2023 Kindle allows her to instantly download and read thousands of titles without having to cart around heavy books everywhere she goes. A single lightweight device can hold her entire library!

The updated 2023 Kindle has a glare-free display that reads just like paper, even in direct sunlight. It also has an adjustable warm light to prevent eye strain at night. The battery charge lasts weeks, not hours so she’ll never be left hanging mid-chapter.

Plus, Kindle Unlimited provides access to over a million titles, magazines and more that she can freely read. You could even include a Kindle Unlimited subscription so she has endless reading material.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Access to millions of books, magazines and more all on one device
  • Display and lighting prevent eye strain for comfortable reading
  • Long battery life means her book never runs out of juice
  • Easy to hold and take anywhere without heavy books weighing her down
  • You can gift a Kindle Unlimited subscription for unlimited access

Give the bookworm mom in your life the latest Kindle so she can dive into reading wherever she goes. This is sure to be one of her favorite last minute Christmas gifts this year!

Instant Downloadable Art - For Moms Styling Their Homes

If you have a mom who loves decorating her home in modern and stylish ways, instant downloadable art is a fantastic gift idea. She’ll have immediate access to printable artwork she can frame to hang on her walls.

There are lots of options for downloadable art including trendy gallery prints, landscape photography, floral designs, abstract pieces and more. You can find sets and collections or individual prints.

Digital art makes the gift easy because you don’t have to worry about shipping physical art and frames. After checkout, mom will receive a download link and license info for the art piece(s). She can then easily print them herself at home!

Some sets even include digital frames so all she has to do is insert the art into the frame graphic and print. Then pop into a store bought frame for an instant wall gallery!

Why She’ll Love It

  • Instant access to stylish wall art for her home decor
  • Huge selection of trendy digital art styles and sets to choose from
  • No shipping physical items - just download and print at home
  • Digital frames provided in some sets for easy printing and framing
  • Thoughtful gift and activity she can do herself to decorate her home

Surprise your artsy mom with new artwork she can download and print! She’ll love getting to style her home with beautiful instant art.

Heated Foot Massager - For Her Self Care Time

Pamper mom with the gift of relaxation by getting her a heated foot massager. She can use it while reading, watching TV or just taking time for herself to unwind.

The massager has adjustable heating levels, massage nodes that target pressure points, and different modes like knead, compress and vibrate for a completely customized experience.

After being on her feet all day, the heat and massage will be a godsend for her sore, tired feet. The auto shut-off timer allows her to relax without worry as the massager will power down on its own if she falls asleep.

Why She’ll Love It

  • Focused massage and heat for tired feet
  • Customizable settings let her tailor the experience to her needs
  • Helps her unwind and promotes relaxation
  • Perfect to use while sedentary like reading or watching Netflix
  • Auto shut-off gives peace of mind if she dozes off during
  • Therapeutic and rejuvenating gift to pamper her with

Your mom does so much for everyone else that she deserves a little self-care. The heated foot massager lets her treat herself to some therapeutic relaxation. This is sure to be one of her favorite last minute Christmas gifts!

Last Minute Means Love Too!

Even if you’re buying mom’s Christmas gift at the very last minute, that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. She’ll be touched you took the time to find something special she’ll really use and enjoy.

These last minute Christmas gift ideas are unique, thoughtful, and can all be ordered online and delivered in time for the big day. So don’t settle on a gift card just because time is short!

With express shipping, you can still surprise her with the perfect present she’ll cherish. And seeing her smile Christmas morning will make all the last minute rush worth it.