Cheapest Countries to Buy an iPhone: A Complete Guide for Bargain Hunters

Are you in the market for a new iPhone and aiming to snag the best deal possible? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the cheapest countries to buy an iPhone and help you save some serious cash.

Join us as we traverse the globe, scout the best deals, and dive into the factors that can impact iPhone prices. It's time to embark on a bargain-hunting adventure – get ready to score the iPhone of your dreams!


Whether you're a tech-savvy trendsetter, a budget-conscious college student, or just someone looking for a sweet deal, finding the cheapest iPhone is a worthy pursuit. iPhones, known for their premium designs and advanced features, can cost a pretty penny, but prices can vary significantly between countries.

In this guide, we'll break down the top countries for finding the cheapest iPhone deals, reveal the factors impacting the prices, and provide tips for buying an iPhone abroad. Let's start our ultimate bargain hunting journey!

Top Countries to Buy the Cheapest iPhone

It's important to remember that iPhone prices typically vary based on factors such as taxes, duties, and currency exchange rates. However, here's a list of countries where you're likely to find some of the best deals on iPhones:

1. United States

The United States offers some of the most affordable iPhone prices – often due to lower taxes and the fact that Apple is headquartered in the US. Additionally, frequent discounts and promotions offered by major carriers and retailers make it an attractive destination for iPhone shopping.

2. Japan

Recognized for its innovative technology scene and vibrant electronics market, Japan is another country where you might spot some wallet-friendly iPhone deals. With Japan's tech-savvy consumer base and extensive distributor network, it's no wonder that the Land of the Rising Sun has become a hot spot for bargain hunters.

3. China

China, with a staggering population and booming smartphone market, offers competitive prices on iPhones. Though local taxes can raise the overall costs, the sheer volume of devices selling within the country means Apple occasionally lowers prices to remain competitive with other brands.

4. Australia

Surprisingly, Australia has emerged as a capable contender amid the search for the cheapest iPhone. Despite higher taxes, Apple's stronghold in the region enables the company to set competitive prices to match demand from its loyal customer base.

5. South Korea

Known as one of the world's tech capitals, South Korea boasts relatively affordable prices for iPhones. Despite having homegrown tech giants like Samsung and LG, the iPhone's appeal remains strong, and competitive pricing is a part of Apple's strategy to maintain market share.

6. Canada

Our North American neighbour, Canada, also offers competitive iPhone prices. Like the U.S., frequent promotions and trade-in schemes by carriers add to customer savings.

7. Hong Kong

Famed for being a global shopping destination, Hong Kong offers relatively cheaper iPhones due to lower taxes and a bustling electronics market.

Factors Impacting iPhone Prices

While it's important to know where to find the cheapest iPhones, it's equally useful to understand the factors affecting their prices:

1. Taxes and Duties

A significant proportion of the price of an iPhone can include VAT, GST or similar consumption tax, which varies by country and region.

2. Currency Exchange Rates

Foreign exchange rates play a key role in the pricing of iPhones. Fluctuations in currency can affect the affordability of iPhones in different countries.

3. Trade Policies

The ongoing tech trade wars and changes in import/export restrictions can dramatically impact iPhone prices.

How to Safely Buy an iPhone Abroad

Purchasing an iPhone while abroad can be an excellent way to save money. However, it crucial to follow certain guidelines to ensure a secure purchase:

1. Know the Specs and Compatibility

Ensure that the iPhone model you're purchasing is compatible with your home country's cellular networks.

2. Check the Device Carefully

Ensure the device is new, unopened, and comes with all of the standard accessories.

3. Understand Apple's Global Warranty

Although Apple offers a global warranty, certain restrictions might apply. Therefore, always do your homework before purchasing.


Armed with this knowledge, may your search for the cheapest iPhone lead you to great savings! Remember to always compare prices, consider all factors, and ensure a safe purchase. Happy hunting and enjoy your new iPhone!

That's our wrap on finding the cheapest iPhones worldwide. And remember, for more tech savings tips and advice, stay locked in – bookmark us, subscribe to our newsletter, and we'll keep those budget-friendly tech insights coming. After all, the smartest shoppers are the savviest savers!