Do Product Reviews Really Help Consumers Make Better Purchasing Decisions?

Product reviews have become an essential part of the consumer purchasing process. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can access a wealth of customer feedback and insights to help guide your buying decisions. But do product reviews really help steer consumers towards making better, more informed choices?

The Powerful Impact of Reviews

Product reviews wield tremendous influence over consumers and brands alike. According to a BrightLocal consumer survey, over 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And with good reason - product reviews have been shown to produce an average 18% increase in sales for businesses. Companies that have more than 9 recent reviews on their profiles earn about 52% more revenue than businesses with no reviews.

Clearly, product reviews can give a tangible boost to a company's bottom line. But they also help build consumer trust and loyalty by showcasing what sets a particular product or brand apart from its competitors. Reviews lend credibility to products and services, strengthening their reputation and value in the eyes of prospective customers.

Negative reviews can be just as powerful as positive ones, with even a single bad review potentially dissuading a customer from making a purchase. This highlights the importance of companies being proactive in soliciting customer feedback and addressing any concerns raised through reviews.

Reviews Offer Real-Life Experiences

Product reviews provide potential customers with a unique glimpse into the quality, value, and reliability of a product, through the lens of real-life experiences. Rather than relying solely on company claims or marketing materials, consumers can leverage reviews to understand how a product actually performs and meets expectations. This is especially helpful when evaluating a new or unfamiliar brand.

By highlighting actual customer experiences, reviews offer an authentic portrayal of factors like a product's durability, ease of use, value for money, and how well it works as advertised. For example, a review might point out that a supposedly stain-resistant sofa still retained stains easily in real-world use. Reviews add a layer of transparency that helps consumers make better decisions.

Reviews Demonstrably Impact Sales

Multiple studies have shown that product reviews can directly and significantly influence a brand's sales and revenue. According to research by BrightLocal, over half of consumers will avoid a business if it has negative reviews, while 87% of shoppers say positive reviews make them more likely to use a company.

Improving a brand's overall star rating has also been linked to an uptick in sales. A Harvard Business School study on independent restaurants found that for every extra half-star rating on Yelp, restaurants saw a 5-9% increase in revenue.

This demonstrates the concrete connection between positive reviews and consumers' willingness to purchase from a brand. While the impact varies based on the industry, reviews clearly play a major role in steering consumer behavior and spending.

Reviews Help Consumers Make Informed Choices

The vast majority of today's consumers rely heavily on online reviews to help make informed purchasing choices. In a survey by Podium, over 88% of respondents said they trust online reviews when deciding what to buy. 67% of participants said they won't use a business with less than a 4-star rating.

Reviews offer consumers valuable guidance to compare competing products and determine which is best suited for their needs. They provide additional insight into the factors that matter most, from product quality and value to customer service and ease of use. Reviews can also attest to the reliability or trustworthiness of a company.

In essence, product reviews help consumers make smarter decisions by arming them with comprehensive insights and multiple perspectives beyond just the manufacturer's claims. Reviews allow consumers to enter into any purchase with eyes wide open.


Product reviews have rightfully earned a place of trust among savvy consumers. By highlighting real customer experiences, they provide unique insights into product quality, value, and reliability. The data shows that reviews tangibly influence brand reputation and sales as well - a win-win for both consumers and businesses.

While some reviews may be biased or unverified, the overwhelming majority offer genuine feedback that guides consumers towards better-informed purchasing choices. For consumers navigating a crowded product landscape, reviews remain an invaluable resource for making confident decisions. They distill the essence of a product down to what really matters most - its ability to satisfy customers.

So do product reviews help consumers? The evidence strongly suggests that the answer is a resounding yes. Reviews will continue to shape purchasing behavior as consumers turn to fellow customers for guidance. For manufacturers and retailers, this underscores the vital importance of actively soliciting and monitoring customer feedback to improve products and services. Paying attention to reviews creates a virtuous cycle that rewards both businesses and consumers.