Why Am I Losing Inches But Not Weight? Learn How To Make Weight Loss Work For YOU!

If you are one of the millions of people who are trying to figure out why am I losing inches after exercising, there are a few different reasons that you might want to consider. Whether you’re trying to lose just a few pounds, or you’re trying to drop several inches after a few months of trying, you might be frustrated and wondering what is going on. It’s easy to figure out why you’re losing inches. However, it is much more difficult to figure out why you’re not losing the weight that you want.

To figure out why am I losing inches but not pounds, you need to understand the mechanics of losing weight. Many people try different types of workouts, some with more weight than others, some with more focus on building up muscles, and some just working out any way that they can find. When you exercise, your body creates hormones that cause an increase in metabolism. As this happens, your body starts burning off calories and storing more fat for future use.

The problem is, if you are not following a healthy weight loss plan, then you will never see those results that you were hoping for. If you are on the scale at the end of the day, then you need to look at your diet and workout plans. Those two elements are the most important parts of a healthy weight loss journey. You need to follow a good eating plan and do some form of regular exercise to help you reach your goals.

One of the biggest reasons why am I losing inches but not pounds is because of increased bone density. As we age, our bodies slowly lose the ability to build new bones. This makes us feel heavy and weak. Our bones become thinner and our mobility becomes lessening.

Another reason that makes us lose weight is because of fat loss and fat loss program or weight loss program. Now, I am not talking about any type of weight loss program that you purchase over the counter. I am talking about supplements that you take orally or topically. These supplements usually contain various types of herbs that act as appetite suppressants.

Since you are losing weight, your body probably has another issue that needs to be addressed. Your metabolism may be running slow because it is not burning off calories fast enough. If this is the case, then you need to speed up the rate of this process by eating more food and more often. This way, you will have more calories to burn when you do start the actual weight loss journey.

Something else that can cause a delay in your weight loss progress is water retention. Most people don’t really understand what water retention does to your body. Most weight loss solutions such as shakes, bars, and fad diets are really disguised ways of saying you have lost weight by decreasing your water retention. So, keep an eye out for this so that you won’t lose a lot of weight too soon when you have already put on that extra pounds.

I hope I cleared some of the fog surrounding these questions for you. In future articles, I will address each question one at a time. For now, be happy with the fact that you are losing inches and not fat. Just remember, all it takes is one bad workout to drop those inches right off your scale. So get started with the workouts!

A slower metabolism also means that you will not burn as many calories as before. This is because your body is using more energy to maintain your current fat level than it is burning up to maintain your ideal weight. So, as you lose those extra pounds, your metabolism slows down, meaning that you are losing inches AND fat! (depending on how much fat you have to lose) Your metabolism also affects the amount of water you retain so even though you aren’t losing inches, you might not be losing much fat.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a punishment. If you make healthy lifestyle changes, then your metabolism can run at its highest for years to come. So, by making healthy lifestyle choices that lead to burning more calories than you take in, then you can continue to lose those extra inches without ever weighing yourself down at the gym again.

When you are losing weight, do you ever wonder why you are gaining inches around your waist? The answer is that instead of burning calories to keep your fat level stable, your metabolism has become out of control and you have a fat-blasting hormone circulating through your body that is setting off fat-burning binge eating. The reason you are gaining weight is that your metabolism is running rampant and you are burning calories to sustain your fat-burning hormone, rather than to fuel your muscles. By doing the right things, like eating smarter, getting more physical activity, and slowing down your metabolism, you can continue to lose those unwanted inches and not just weight.

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