When Your Child Hates Haircuts - How to Convince Your Child?

“When your child hates haircuts, it’s not your fault. He just doesn’t have the imagination to think of ways to look like his heroes.” This is somewhat tongue cheek but it’s an accurate observation that parents often make when their offspring detest the idea of getting cut.

Not all children dislike haircuts. Quite a few of them actually like having a short haircut occasionally. It’s not because they don’t like their own hair but because they simply don’t like to look like everyone else. You can be assured that a short haircut will be a hit with your son.

Of course, you need to prepare your daughter for the shock that may come from seeing her long hair cut. Let her imagine for a moment what happens to her if she has a successful attempt at a short haircut. Her hair will be plastered all over her bedroom. Every time someone walks by, there will be an enormous picture of her in the background. And that’s assuming she doesn’t grow a complete mustache while getting her hair cut!

“When your child hates short haircuts, it’s not his fault. He just doesn’t have the imagination to come up with creative ways to look like his heroes.” Yes, this may indeed be the case with your son. But parents should not worry about this. All he wants is to please you so don’t be overly upset when he decides that he no longer wants to have his hair cut.

If you are still worried about this, then perhaps it’s time you did something to fix the problem. Your son simply has to get over the fact that he doesn’t like short hair. The rest is simply a matter of helping him discover other things he could do with his short hair instead of constantly reminding him of how much you don’t like it.

One way parents say when your child hates short hair is to simply help him find other hobbies and activities that he can do with his short locks. Perhaps he likes painting or dancing or even playing video games. If that’s the case, you should suggest these activities to him, as it would surely help his perception of his own image. He may even realize that he loves spending time with you, which is obviously much better than spending time alone in front of the mirror every day.

Another way parents say when your child hates short hair is to simply spend more time with him. Let your son see you working on homework or playing with your daughter. Take him shopping occasionally or take him out for movie dates. Your child might even start to develop a new interest in music or sports. The more time he spends with you and in your company, the more he’ll realize that he actually has something in common with you.

The third way parents say when your child hates short hair is to encourage him to do better with his appearance. Of course, this also goes for girls. They too should want their son to look good. But your son shouldn’t be encouraged to use anything but the best products and services from his hairdresser. It’s unfair for him to have to pay exorbitant prices for things because he looks different from other children in the same school.

Some parents say when your child hates short hair, he doesn’t want to go to baseball games or watch any sporting events. He might even refuse to stand up in the classroom to listen to a teacher talk. When you find this happening, you might have to give him more incentive to go to these activities. Allow him to have one pair of baseball pants or one pair of tracksuits instead of all the uniforms. Make sure he knows that there are a lot of people who appreciate his decision not to dye his hair the same color as everybody else at school.

Parents say when your child hates short hair, he might also refuse to sleep with you. If this is the case, you might want to try playing a game of peek-a-boo with him, which involves exposing his hair to a person’s face. You could also pretend to scratch his back or pet his head as a sign that he likes you.

Parents say when your child hates short hair because he feels it makes him look like a girl, you should try to allow him to go to school with his bangs down. This is a good way of making him realize that he actually looks just like a boy. Of course, it doesn’t always work out this way, but at least you’ll have something to fall back on when he starts to grow his hair back.

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