What Does Laundry Detergent Expire?

Looking for ways to extend the life of your homemade laundry detergent? The answer is simple – storing it away when it does not work well. Most commercial detergents are manufactured using chemicals that react with the liquids they contain. When this happens, the finished product is often ruined. To keep them from prematurely going bad, follow these steps:

* Store your homemade laundry detergent in a cool and dry place. Also, keep the containers filled with cold water in a dark and airy place. This will prevent them from reacting with an acid or bleach they come in contact with. Also, open the lids on heavy loads between washes. If there’s any drastic temperature shift in the room, it will affect the detergent badly.

* Change the detergent ingredients regularly. One of the worst things that can happen to your homemade fabric softener is for it to change out its ingredients too frequently. When doing a load test, do so once a month, and mix up to five gallons of liquid detergent with five gallons of water. Check the softener to make sure it has not gone stale. You should always buy a new softener every two months or so, especially if you use fabric softener detergent.

* Never use carpet shampoo to clean your carpets. Even though the labels claim they are compatible with fabric conditioners, they won’t penetrate into the fibres of regular carpet fibres. Regular detergent, fabric softener or fabric conditioner will not have any effect on a carpet treated with carpet shampoo. It may damage the carpet or strip some of the colours from it, but it will not replace the stain. Always make sure the carpet cleaning product you are using is completely compatible with the fabric conditioner or softener you are using on the carpet.

* Does laundry detergent expire from pods? Every brand of laundry detergent comes in one or more pods. Some detergent brands don’t use pods at all but instead use pre-measured packets, called “browns”. Purex laundry detergent comes in pods. Once they are fully dissolved in water, the packets cannot dissolve any further.

* Does laundry detergent expire from baby laundry pods? Only detergent pods made specifically for use with baby linens are effective. Any other laundry detergent will simply wash away with the fibre of your baby’s skin. Purex laundry detergent pods contain enzymes, which break down and break up stains on baby clothes.

* Does laundry detergent expire from fabric softeners? Fabric softeners are not effective as laundry detergents; they only soften fabric that has already been dyed. Laundry detergents and fabric softeners do not go together. You can purchase a fabric softener separately from a detergent designed to work with fabric.

When fabric dyeing, it is best to use detergent and soap that is recommended by the fabric manufacturer. If you are unsure about the ingredients in the detergent you are using, contact the manufacturer before using the detergent. Many fabric softener manufacturers have their own laundry detergent lines, so it may be easier to find one to go with than to try to find a separate brand of detergent. You should test out the detergent in your washing machine to see how well it cleans. If you find that the fabric doesn’t come out as clean as you expected, call the manufacturer to get a replacement.

* Can laundry detergent kill off germs and bacteria? Some foods, like garlic and onions, can actually sterilize fabric. You should keep a bottle of vinegar near your washer and make sure you kill the germs and bacteria using this as a disinfectant. It will also keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Do not use bleach-based dish soap.

* How long does a liquid laundry detergent last? Many brands of laundry detergent contain plastic liners that can last from five to ten years. While you can save money by buying generic brands that contain plastic liners, you may end up with clothes that smell and feel generic.

* Can laundry detergent remove stains? If you spill something on the fabric, the stains will come out. Some stains cannot be removed. Bright white clothes are easier to remove than dark-coloured ones. Test stains before you buy a brand.

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