What Age Should You Start Shaving?

For men, one of the most common questions is when should you start shaving your face. Some men do not want to shave their faces because they think it will make them appear even younger than they really are. It is important that you do not have this attitude when you first start. There are many reasons why you should be shaving your face rather than cutting it. Here is a look at the top 3 benefits you will receive if you choose to shave your face instead of your hair.

The first reason to shave is to prevent the development of razor burn on your face. This happens when you constantly pull the skin tight when you are using hot shavers. This causes damage to the skin cells and eventually, they will die. When the skin cells die they will produce even more oil to lubricate your face. As a result, your pores will become clogged and will lead to acne.

Another reason to start shaving is to improve the circulation in your skin. When you regularly use hot razors you cause your skin to produce less natural oils. This can result in your skin becoming dry and flaky. If you use an electric shaver, you will be able to reduce some of this effect by using the motion.

It is also important to take care of your face while you are shaving. Make sure that you use a good-quality shave gel or cream. You will want to use something that is going to give your skin some time to heal from the activities involved when you are shaving. If you are outdoors, it is important that you wear sunscreen.

The third reason to start shaving your face is to reduce hair growth. Shaving helps to close the pores around the hair follicle so that hair cannot grow back through the natural process that it goes through during adulthood. Many people find that they no longer have hair on their face years after they begin shaving. This is a great way to prevent future hair loss.

After shaving you should moisturize the area thoroughly. The skin on your face is very sensitive and needs to be cared for carefully. You should use a cream or lotion that is meant for sensitive skin. This will help to make your skin less irritated and more smooth. You also need to cleanse the area after you shave to remove any dead skin cells that may be left behind.

Most men start to shave regularly as they get older. They do this so that they can maintain the appearance of their face. It is important that if you choose to use a sharp razor you use care to protect your skin. Using alcohol-based aftershave will actually cause your skin to become dry and it can lead to problems such as ingrown hairs and razor burn.

The final step you need to take when you start shaving is to follow up with a good after-shave balm. This will help to close pores, lock in moisture and prevent dryness. Moisturizers should be applied to all body parts after shaving. This will help to make your entire body feel smooth and soft. This will also prevent itching and rash.

When you have finished with the area that needs to be treated, use a buffer to remove any remaining product from your skin. A buffered brush is best used to do this. If there is any leftover hair it can be removed by using a small bristled brush. Do not use anything to clean the area as this can cause irritation and increase the possibility of getting an infection.

If you have sensitive skin, you will want to use a natural skin product. These types are much gentler on your skin than those that are based on harsh chemicals. They contain mild ingredients that will not irritate your skin and cause any skin problems. Most of them are also non-comedogenic, which means they do not plug pores. This can be a huge benefit for those that suffer from acne.

These tips should help you understand what age should you start shaving. It is important that you treat your skin gently when you begin and that you avoid overusing products that can cause serious skin problems. Shaving can be a great part of daily grooming. You will be able to reduce your face wrinkles and increase the health of your skin. If you follow these simple steps you will be able to safely and efficiently take care of your face.

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