Toddler Reading Time - Helping to Introduce Your Child to the World of Print

Toddler reading time has taken a backseat in recent years as the average parent’s main concern seems to be keeping up with rising costs and an increasing lack of time available to do anything. Many parents are also disenchanted by the increasing number of infant deaths each year and the fact that the United States now ranks first in the world for infant deaths. The addition of the internet has opened doors for parents once shut, but those doors have opened to allow new ideas and methods to be used to help save our children’s lives. One idea that is helping to save American lives and keep the cost of health care lower for American families is the introduction of board books to infants.

Board books are designed to help provide toddlers with educational material at an early developmental age. Many experts agree that toddlers who start to learn to read before they reach 3 months old will typically do as well as their siblings. What is even better is the educational opportunities that the toddler reading book offers. This type of toddler reading time can help toddlers develop their language skills and learn about the world around them. Board books usually come in three parts: rhymes, nursery rhymes, and storybooks. Board books have been shown to improve vocabulary skills, enhance math skills, and teach critical thinking skills.

Another way to help prepare your toddler for reading is to sit still and focus on the task at hand. Toddlers love to see the world in pictures, and they also love to imitate what they see. You can take advantage of this by taking the time to read to your toddler while sitting still. Taking a picture of something interesting can also help your toddler learn about the world.

Toddlers love variety and board books can provide just that in the form of color. Toddlers tend to enjoy looking at and comparing the different pictures found in a book. As your child gets older, he or she will likely want to look at the books the same way and will start asking questions about where they came from. A great way to get your toddler interested in reading is to have them help you choose a book. Ask your toddler to choose one out of a few that he or she loves. Board books can help with this since the pages are randomly colored.

One more way to help your baby develop their infant baby reading skills is to engage them in an activity. Many parents turn to activities such as peek-a-boo learning, finger play, or even arts and crafts. These activities allow your infant to use their imagination and to get a good idea of what’s going on around them. Babies love to engage in creative activities and often look forward to the next outing. If you don’t feel adventurous enough to take your child to the park, try a trip to the local mall or even the movies.

The act of holding your baby and talking with them can also help infant and toddler develop their baby reading skills. Ask your child if they want to put their favorite book in the book bag. You can then read to them or your baby can see a storyboard by putting a picture of the book or story on a page.

Toddlers also enjoy singing their favorite songs or nursery rhymes during their baby reading time. This will help them learn some letters and sound recognition. Singing nursery rhymes or songs can also help your child to warm up to new sounds. When you read with your baby, encourage them to make silly voices or sounds. This is great for toddlers who have trouble reading lips. It is a great way for them to imitate the sounds they hear around them.

Toddlers love to be creative and it can be fun for both you and your toddler to read books together. There are many books for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that are full of bright colors, fun pictures, easy storylines, and lots of imagination. Toddlers love board books because they can move as they read and they also don’t have the large print that most books have. Board books are usually made of durable paper and are easy to clean. There are many different board books to choose from.

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