Reasons Why Babies Need to Wearing a Helmet

Why do babies have to wear helmets? It seems that all of a sudden babies are protected head to toe. No matter what the weather is outside it seems that their head is protected by a plastic hat or scarf. The fact of the matter is that babies can be seriously injured when riding in a car. It does not matter if the car is a two-seat car, four or even a three-seat car, babies can be seriously injured if there is a collision.

Cars are built with a very sharp turn radius. This means that they are designed to swerve into oncoming traffic. If a car is stopped at a red light then the baby is often enclosed in the front area of the car and has very little protection from the rear. When a car swerves into the oncoming traffic, there is often a lot of impact energy that goes into the back of the child’s head. In fact, most of the shock absorbed by the child’s skull is passed on to the parent from the rear of the head.

Why do babies need to wear helmets? A baby that is thrown forward into the air has a much greater chance of being injured. The child will normally be thrown about thirty feet in the air and will hit the ground before reaching the pavement. A baby that is thrown in the air and lands on the pavement will have a far more difficult time recovering than a child who is thrown in the air and lands in the front seat.

A big part of why babies have to wear these protective headcovers is that they can prevent the face from being opened during an accident. Most cars that are not equipped with adequate front-end car protection for babies have what is known as a “grille” where the driver’s door can be opened. As a child is thrown forward by the force of the car door closing, there is a good chance that the face will be open. A small child cannot protect his or her head from being opened by a slamming door. These grilles are often fitted with plastic guards that cover the child’s head.

Why do babies need to wear these? The reason why the head needs to be protected is that a child’s head receives many of its injuries from the point of impact of the automobile accident. Head injuries are the most common reason why a child has to wear a helmet. A child can be seriously injured by a moving vehicle while being thrown forward. It is estimated that every thirty feet in a two-car collision, one of the children will receive some type of head injury. It is almost impossible to determine the exact amount of damage to a child’s head from the point of impact; however, most insurance companies will pay at least some of this damage if a car accident report is filed.

Why do drivers wait until they are involved in an accident to install these protective head coverings? This is because the injuries from these types of accidents are not covered by most car insurance policies. Some states do have laws that require drivers to purchase and wear the protection. In addition, these laws usually only apply to the state an accident occurs. If you are a driver in another state and are involved in an accident that does not occur in your state, it may be necessary for you to purchase a helmet.

Why do babies need to wear these? Studies show that if a vehicle swerves and hits a child’s head, that child’s chance of death or severe brain damage is much higher than a child who is not in a vehicle accident. Some experts feel that the statistics are based on a few cases of children being killed in specific types of accidents. However, if all vehicle accidents were reported to have caused death or brain damage, the numbers would be much lower.

Why are parents the ones that should purchase this safety equipment for their children? It seems more logical to purchase safety equipment for our children when we are ourselves. Babies can’t control their heads; it will not protect them in an accident. When you purchase a helmet, make sure you also buy a car seat and a canopy so your child’s safety is ensured.

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