Online Gambling Pandemic

The prevalence of online gambling has increased in recent years. This has prompted many states to begin cracking down on the problem by putting limits on poker rooms and online casinos. However, in spite of these efforts, the trend continues to increase. So what is behind this increase?

One of the factors leading to an increase in online gambling across the United States and in particular the states surrounding Colorado is the increasing number of casino closings. As more casinos close in on higher-end clients, the newer casino hopefuls try to find gambling types that offer better bonuses or prizes. In this case, it is not uncommon for a gamer to enter a game with real money only to walk out with a substantial bonus check. This has attracted a new set of gamblers who are looking for the same type of excitement that can be found at home casinos but can’t quite afford the high costs.

Another factor that is believed to have contributed to the rise of online gambling is the onset of the so-called “Pandemic” for gambling. The term pandemic refers to a sudden, unexpected outbreak of a disease. There have been many different outbreaks in the past. The Hangover, the Yellow Fever, the SARS epidemic, and the West Nile virus are all examples of pandemics. With millions of people playing a variety of different online gambling games at once, many different conditions have been reported.

According to many sources, one of the most significant aspects of the rise of online gambling was the implementation of the first “clean slate” laws. These laws were designed to give former addicts of online gambling an opportunity to start over fresh. Unfortunately, many ex-gambling addicts find it very difficult to clean up their lives and regain a sense of personal accountability. This, coupled with the fact that many different states are now considering implementing the same laws, has created what is known as the “Pandemic” for gambling addiction.

One of the largest problems associated with online gambling is addiction. Although many experts claim that over 70% of gamblers can become addicted to gambling, this number is probably inflated due to under-reporting. In addition, there is no clear and acknowledged definition of what constitutes an addictive gaming disorder. However, most experts agree that problematic gaming behaviors, such as: excessively gambling, betting large amounts of money on races or other games, engaging in physical activity while playing, making gambling transactions in places that are not considered normal for gambling purposes, spending excessive time waiting for a friend or relative to join a game, and participating in behavior that seems out of character for the gambler are signs that should be looked for.

As mentioned above, there has also been a significant amount of money spent on treatment programs for gambling addicts. Unfortunately, most programs that are designed for this purpose are ineffective. Gamblers that participate in these programs generally stop making progress toward recovery because they become so focused on recovering their losses that they fail to realize that they have actually spent more money than they would if they had just continued playing for fun at home. There are some online gambling programs that do provide some guidance for gamblers but these are often for a select few gamblers and may not be enough for the general gamblers that participate in them.

A major problem with most online gambling programs is that they fail to implement strong controls over how players spend their money on games. In many cases, gamblers will make multiple transactions during one sitting and will use up all the money that they have placed in the lockbox, thereby leaving themselves defenseless should the system lock until they decide on another amount to put in the lockbox. This is a serious issue because it leads to an addiction to the system itself. If you are a gambler who has lost all of your money and you feel like you are unable to get off of the track, you should contact a professional gambler screen time service that can provide you with expert guidance and counsel. These services can help you get off of the casino floor and back to enjoying life on the road again.

The advent of online gambling systems has caused a pandemic of gambling addiction in America. If you have a friend or family member that gambles on the internet you need to talk to them about this problem. If your child has an online gambling account and you have questions about the safety of their accounts and the integrity of their winnings; you should talk to them about it. Parents need to discuss issues such as these with their children as they can grow to be very ill because of online gambling addiction. If you have a friend or family member that gambles online and you are worried about them, make sure that they are honest with you and that you know where they are spending their money because a reputable online gambling service will have measures in place for keeping money safe and giving out winning amounts to their clients.

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