Why Do Balls Hurt After Sex?

If you have been having problems with your balls lately, it may be time to learn a little more about the mechanics of sex and why they hurt after sex. Most of us can pretty much figure out when we are hurting but for some people, the problem is very complicated. Believe it or not, many people can’t get rid of their balls and yet still continue to have lots of great sex. It’s embarrassing for them and that’s probably why they never learn how to fix it.

Many times when a man gets an erection he pulls up on his penis and feels a little pain. This is caused by blood rushing into the penis causing the tissues to expand. This is a natural process and nothing to worry about. The penis eventually extends itself back to its normal size and is happy again.

However, sometimes this doesn’t happen and the balls keep rolling down. This is when all sorts of troubles start to occur. Sex just isn’t as enjoyable anymore and the guy soon learns that he is in for a world of trouble.

Why does this happen? Usually, it is because there is friction in the penis. With a hard penis, it really makes balls hurt after sex. This is a real problem because if you ever went to a lady and asked her if it hurt when she was having sex with you, she would probably laugh and tell you “Nope, I don’t feel any pain at all”.

It is very important to find a way to avoid this and one way is through knowing how to keep the penis soft during sex. One thing that you should do is rub your penis while it is erect. This will create extra friction and will help make sex much more enjoyable for both partners. You should also be gentle when stimulating the area. Never force a hard erection on a woman if you aren’t sure that she is going to be comfortable with it.

Another reason why balls hurt after sex is that some women are just very touchy and will take the penis wherever they want regardless of how rough or gentle you are. You have to understand that a vagina is made up of many nerve endings and not all women will feel comfortable having sex with someone who is too rough with it. Women need a man to be gentle with them and if you are rough with her then she might not want to have sex with you. She is not trying to be an abuser towards you but she just doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable.

The last cause for balls hurt after sex is because the woman is having an orgasm. When this happens the vaginal muscles will involuntarily tighten and can really hurt me very badly. In addition, the pressure from the orgasm can cause a lot of pain. This happens because the muscles will contract even more than normal during an orgasm and that can really hurt.

To prevent this from happening you can try taking a warm shower or bath and using a lubricant to help alleviate the pain. You should also try not to thrust during sex because the more pressure you put on her the more the vaginal muscles will tighten. If you do find yourself having problems with this try having sex on an angle where you are facing away from her. It may seem easier for her to be stimulated by being behind you but if you ask her that in the middle of orgasm she would be very happy to have you behind her. All this will do is cause you to have a great deal less pressure and your balls will stay nice and firm.

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