What Are the Side Effects of Micronor Birth Control?

Micronor Birth Control is also known as a tiny mini-pill because of the fact that it doesn’t contain the hormone estrogen, just a progestin known as Norethindrone. The effectiveness of mini birth control pills throughout the first year on women is based on a nine-percent failure rate. Women on a regular birth control pill will experience a lower rate if they have had a child prior to taking the pill. Some women will experience an increase in acne as their bodies adjust to the lack of estrogen and other factors.

Norethindrone is thought to reduce breast cancer risks because of its ability to bind with estrogen. Estrogen is thought to be one of the causes of blood clots. Blood clots can lead to stroke or heart attack in a woman who has them and because Norethindrone blocks estrogen, blood clots are less likely to form. However, women should still watch for signs of clots forming in the breast or on other parts of the body, as these could be signs of other, more serious conditions. There could be negative side effects of Micronor birth control, but these side effects are not thought to be common.

Norethindrone and other Micronor birth control pills, such as those containing mometasone, work by interfering with the hormones that regulate the release of an egg from the ovary. When a woman’s estrogen level is higher than the levels needed to produce sperm, the egg is not released. This prevents conception and ensures that the woman experiences only fertile periods. This type of method may help reduce the risk of premenstrual syndrome, which is a period of abnormally heavy bleeding prior to menstruation that may be caused by hormonal imbalances.

A woman may take a combination birth control pill such as microform birth control or the woman may choose to use an alternative form of birth control called a diaphragm. When a woman plans to start a family, she will need to be sure that she is able to get pregnant. The method that she chooses will depend on whether she is trying to become pregnant quickly or wants to be able to carry a child to term. If she is trying to become pregnant quickly, she may want to try a birth control pill with an estrogen ring. If she is trying to carry a child to term, she may want to consider using a different form of birth control, such as condoms or a no-personals contraceptive pill.

A woman can choose to be a norethindrone pill user or she can choose another form of birth control, such as the use of an IUD such as an IUD containing prostaglandin. Some women do not have a good feeling when taking estrogen or other hormones so they will choose to use an IUD. This is a good choice for a woman who is not used to taking hormones. An IUD like an IUD containing levonorgestrel can be used by women who are not pregnant. Women who are pregnant should not take norethindrone, but they can use an IUD during their pregnancy.

A woman may experience side effects when she takes Micronor birth control. These side effects include breast tenderness, diarrhea, headache, mood swings, and vaginal dryness. There is one type of side effect that is less common and that happens in fewer women. Vaginal spotting can also occur with Micronor pills. This is a light pink discharge from the vagina that is not dangerous but many women do not find it attractive.

Norethindrone is another form of Micronor pill that contains the same active ingredients as the previous version but has a higher concentration of the hormone norethindrone. Taking this pill will cause you to have less frequent urination and have increased menstrual flow. Norethindrone will make you feel irritable because it blocks the production of testosterone which is the hormone that causes sexual attraction. If you are thinking about taking Micronor pills you need to discuss this option with your doctor first. Taking norethindrone will increase the possibility of side effects, but these should be rare.

Another side effect of Micronor birth control is weight gain. The Pill can make you fat because it increases the levels of glucose in the blood. If you are on Micronor pills for a long period of time this could be a problem. Weight gain can be a serious side effect if you are obese or undergoing obesity treatment. If you are considering taking a micron pill consider all options before making this decision.

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