What Are The Reasons Why My Cat Poops On My Bed?

It happens to all of us at some time or another, and for most of us, it is an embarrassing moment. My cat was never very fond of me, but one day she decided she wanted to be with me more. So we went out, and she followed me into the living room and proceeded to ruin my personal decor. I tried explaining that I had purchased a new couch, and she said that she wasn’t comfortable on it. I then asked her why she wanted to use my old, dirty litter box, and she said because she thought it was clean.

When this happened, I immediately knew that something was wrong, but I could not figure out what the issue was. The reason why my cat kept bothering me so much was that she had a behavioral issue that was making it very difficult for her to have any type of acceptable behavior. That is when I realized that maybe she was afraid of the change. So after addressing the mess in the litter box, I began to inspect her behavior to see if there were any underlying issues.

The first thing that I did, in order to address the issue, was to give her a visit to the veterinarian. After giving her a complete physical examination, and discovering that there were no health concerns, I asked her why she was so upset with me. She told me that the change in surroundings, and the fact that I did not use the old litter box, was causing her a behavioral issue. I asked her if she had a problem with cats, and she said yes. So my next action was to find out why she was so upset.

What I found was that while many cats will get along fine with their litter boxes and have no problem with using them, there are others who have behavioral issues with them. These include cats who like to keep pooping inboxes. When you own a cat, you cannot always be sure where it will go. And if you are not around, their instinct will take them to the most secluded and private part of the house. So they may keep pooping in your bed or even in your closet. This can cause a lot of problems for both you and your furniture.

It is understandable why some cats may feel like they cannot control their bladder when there are more litter boxes in the house. There are also some situations in which cats have no choice but to keep pooping in public places. Some cats are litter box trained, but some simply refuse to use litter boxes. So it is natural for them to keep pooping in all kinds of public places including our homes.

So, what is the reason behind this sudden increase in the cat’s need to pee and poo on your bed? Actually, there is more than one reason. If you do not know why your cat’s urine on your mattress is more frequent, then, you need to find out why is my cat pooping on my bed and then eliminate the factors that lead to such occurrence.

Some cats like to mark their territory by using their feces. This is common when the cat’s territory is already established like when they are stillborn. This is also the reason why older cats may have a problem with establishing a new home because they do not like to feel enclosed like a new pet. For these cats, eliminating on your bed may be a way of relieving themselves so they can move on to another place easily. Cats may also relieve themselves if they are being territorial because of something inside the house or because they want to mark their territory.

There are also some cats that get why is my cat pooping on my bed when they are having a bladder infection. If this is the case, the cat’s incontinence will lead them to pee outside of the litter box. Cat owners must know that the cat’s bladder is like a garden hose wherein, it does not have a “safe” area that it can empty its bladder in. When this happens, you will notice your cat has to go to the bathroom outside the litter box.

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