Toilet Training Infants and Older Children

Parents struggle with toilet training because it is hard and can be confusing for young children. But there are ways to help. This article provides some useful advice about toilet training for parents of toddlers and kids. Remember that everyone has their own opinion and some tips might conflict with your child’s view.

Look for the signs. Sometimes it can range, but usually, kids start toilet training around 18 months and are usually toilet trained by 36 months old. Your baby might be ready if he: Wants to sit on the toilet frequently or shows interest by wanting to stand on the toilet. He should have a few bowel movements after every meal and be able to hold his urine for a while before he needs a diaper change. If your child is not toilet trained, look for these signs in your child.

Teach older kids. Older kids are more likely to remember to use the toilet and accidents happen more often. Plan toilet training at an older age and you can help avoid accidents that could hurt your child. For example, let your child sit on a potty for a couple of hours before starting the process, and let him practice going in and out of the bathroom with a toilet training seat.

Parents should encourage frequent bathroom training. A lot of parents are too relaxed about the process until the children start having accidents. It is hard on parents and on their children to be toilet trained constantly, so parents should take their time and be consistent about it.

No toilet training starts after one year of age, so even if your child has started potty training at four or five, you may want to wait another year before starting. You may want to wait until your child turns four or five years old to have a proper training time. The older your child gets, the more likely he will have accidents in the house and you will need to take him out to go potty. If you do potty train when your child is younger, he will have fewer accidents, and you can catch them sooner.

If your child does not like underwear, he may want to have underwear designed just for him. This underwear can come in designs such as his favorite cartoons or his favorite animals. When you buy an underwear design specifically for your child, he will love it more because it is something that he wants and he gets to choose it. It also gives his parents more to worry about because they will know what is happening with his underwear.

You can start potty training your child by letting him sit on a potty chair. Have him sit and wait for a minute. If he does not sit, put him in the bathroom until he does. If he does use the restroom, praise him. Continue this process for as long as he needs to go.

Small babies can learn to use the toilet in one to two weeks. Older children can take a little longer, from two to three months. Some infants and older children will to potty train while they are still sleeping. For example, an infant would start going to the toilet when he is weaned and a child would learn to use the toilet when he is eight weeks old. In some cases, you can potty train your child by using scented potpourri when he goes to the toilet. Potty training infants and older children can be very successful if you have patience and understanding.

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