Tips For Babies When Your Baby is in the NICU

When your baby is in the NICU (Nursery in Nursery) it can mean the difference between life and death. For this reason alone you should plan a “farewell” to your NICU baby. When your baby is admitted, there will be many new experiences for your child that he or she will not know a lot about. If you are not prepared for this, your child may have a problem getting used to being separated from mom and dad.

One of the biggest fears of any parent is the thought of their child having an emergency room visit. When children are born, they are immediately separated from their parents. There are sometimes even times when the parents are put into separate rooms. While this is not done to cause chaos, it can cause a shift in routine for both the mother and father. Because of this, the parents may be less than forthcoming with information about why their child is in the hospital and can become quite agitated when discussing matters with a nurse or doctor.

When a child is admitted to the NICU, things are more open with the parents because they are able to see their child on a regular basis. When you take them home after the birth, they may only see their baby once or twice a day. Even though you are unable to hold them all the time, the visits can help them get used to seeing you every day. By taking them home often, you may lessen the amount of stress they feel when they first come into the hospital.

When your baby is in the hospital, there will still be times when you are able to hold your child. If you plan ahead and ask for help, it is much easier. If you are worried that someone may hurt your child, it may be a good idea to let the nurses know so that they can be present when the baby starts falling asleep. It is common for babies to start falling asleep while they are still attached to the mother’s womb. However, if you wake them up too early, it may cause trauma to the infant. Many times the mothers are kept awake at night worrying that something may have happened to their baby.

Nursing usually takes place at home. This is because the hospital usually has a limit on the number of patients that can be nursed at one time. The parents are encouraged to ask questions when they are interacting with the baby, which is one of the most important interactions that occur. In order to reduce instances when babies are not nursing, try to keep the room warm and humid, allow parents to be as involved as possible, and request privacy when they are going to be with the child. This does not mean that a parent will be allowed to remain in the room throughout the entire nursing process, just that privacy will be maintained.

The main goal when your baby is in the NICU is to ensure that he or she receives all the medical treatment possible. One thing that families should remember is to stay calm and do not get discouraged if the child does not nurse. If the child is not nursing, try using a breast pump in order to provide milk for the baby. Remember that the child is receiving outstanding medical care and all that the family can do is follow through with support as much as possible.

When leaving the hospital, parents should keep their itinerary available so that they can plan trips or visit with loved ones who are in the hospital. Family members who know that they are dealing with a serious illness are usually more open about their feelings than others. Therefore, it can be easier for friends and family members to express their opinions without feeling guilty.

Another excellent way to bond with your baby while he or she is in the NICU is by using an audio recording device. Keep in mind that there are many recordings that can be downloaded from the Internet and many of them can be great ways to comfort a sick baby. Keep in mind that the child may be scared of the impending death that awaits him or her and therefore trying to comfort him or her through words or sounds will only make matters worse. Therefore, consider downloading one of these recordings and play it while your baby is sleeping. This will help the child to relax and also to fall asleep.

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