The Two Important Parts of Physical Fitness Program

So you’ve decided to join that new trend of joining a gym and trying out a fitness program – what are the two important parts of physical fitness? First, and foremost, is cardiovascular endurance. This involves your heart beating in order to get oxygen to all of your muscles and body parts. The next part involves muscular endurance. It also means how fast you can move your body from one place to another.

There are two important parts of the physical fitness program, which are considered to be skill-related factors. One factor deals with the “ability” of a person to perform an activity. Skill-related factors refers to things like motor skill, hand-eye coordination, and so on. When you think about it, these are skills that can be developed and improved overtime through regular training. But remember that this improvement can only be achieved through exercise.

Muscular endurance is another factor that can be considered a skill. This involves being able to resist physical stress for a long period of time. For example, when doing a strength and muscle building program, you will have to do the same type of work out over again (and sometimes in different ways) in order to develop muscular endurance. Remember that this can only be done through regular and consistent workout sessions.

Cardiovascular efficiency is also included in the list of factors that make up a good physical fitness program. This is also an aspect that can be improved overtime through regular and consistent practice. Basically, cardiovascular endurance includes the ability of your heart to pump blood through your body. Just imagine pumping blood throughout your whole body when you are doing your everyday routine: running, jogging, walking, and so on. If you are unable to keep up with the demands of your physical fitness exercises, your heart will eventually be exhausted.

Now here is the interesting part: muscular strength is not included in the list of factors that make up a good physical fitness program. But muscular strength definitely contributes to a healthy lifestyle. And it is also something that people should work on every day in order to avoid diseases like cardiovascular illnesses and osteoporosis. You may have heard of this before, but it’s true. Muscles aid in carrying out even the simplest physical activity – such as lifting a heavy weight. Thus, developing the muscles inside your body should also be included in your training regimen.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. You should still include them in your regimen. The two must go hand in hand if you want to achieve the results that you are aiming for. Aside from what we already discussed earlier, increasing your body composition (also referred to as your body mass index) is one way to do this.

Your cardiovascular endurance will improve as long as you continue to lift weights. This is because muscle strength and flexibility play major roles in this process. Cardiovascular endurance can improve through regular exercise, too. So if you want to achieve the results that you are aiming for as long as you don’t forget the importance of muscular strength and flexibility, make sure that you stay physically fit everyday.

So these are the two important parts of physical fitness program that you should consider as part of your regimen. Remember that it doesn’t matter what type of workout programs you prefer to do. All you need to do is to remember that muscular strength and flexibility, along with your cardiovascular efficiency, are the two things that will determine the outcome of your program. And these two factors can be improved through proper exercise routines and weight training, just like what everybody said.

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