The Basics of Women and Children's Hospitals in Huntsville, Alabama

“Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children” is one of four acute care hospitals in Huntsville, Alabama, which are designated by the University of Alabama as Partnerships in Healthcare. The other three hospitals include Baptist Health System and Baptist Memorial Hospital.

The hospitals have been named to honor the contributions of Dr. James M. Hunt, Jr. who is a world renowned Pediatrician. Dr. Hunt is an esteemed member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children has an emergency department that serves all of the residents in the hospital, both men and women, with specialty areas including: Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Pediatric, Men and Mothers’ Health. ” Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children ” serves the entire Huntsville area.

This service is provided through participating hospitals and community partners. All of the hospital’s services are offered in house and out of house through the following hospital partners:

Hunt Diabetes Education and Prevention Program. The Huntsville Diabetes Education and Prevention Program educate the public about diabetes and provide support through free supplies and activities.

The program offers free testing at its nine local locations. The primary focus of the Huntsville Diabetes Education and Prevention Program is children. This hospital partnership supports the community through the following initiatives:

The Robert Trent Jones Foundation (RTJF). The Robert Trent Jones Foundation raises funds for medical research, conducts training for health care providers, and provides community-based assistance to communities in the nation’s poorest regions. The hospital partners with the foundation on many different levels including: fundraising, marketing, communications and promotions. The foundation does not have a direct program to support women and children in the community, but works closely with several other community organizations to enhance their endeavors.

Huntsville Children’s Hospital. Huntsville Children’s Hospital is Huntsville’s Children’s hospital. The hospital serves all of the areas of Central Alabama that include the city of Huntsville, the counties of Baldwin and Mobile, and the rest of the Triad area. The hospital is one of the state-funded Children’s hospitals and serves all children who are born in the state of Alabama. The hospital is managed by Spectrum Healthcare, a part of Bill Anderson Healthcare.

Huntsville Hospital and Healthcare System. The Huntsville Hospital and Healthcare System is a full service hospital. The system serves all of the areas of Central Alabama that include the cities of Huntsville, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa. The hospital is managed by VisionPoint Health Care, a part of Bill Anderson Healthcare. The system partners with other healthcare providers to provide quality patient care in a comfortable, safe environment.

Women and children’s hospital. The Huntsville Women’s Center is a women and children’s hospital. The hospital is located in the central part of Huntsville. The center offers specialty programs and treatments for babies and children, focusing on early detection of disease, development and pregnancy, and treatment of many illnesses. The hospital offers a full range of minimally invasive treatment options for cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, and sexually transmitted diseases. The center offers a 24-hour Medical Call Service for in-network patients.

The University of Alabama at Huntsville. The University of Alabama at Huntsville offers patients an on-campus Children’s hospital as well as an ambulatory surgery center. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Alabama School of Medicine. The hospital provides its patients with extensive patient care in a comfortable environment.

Huntsville Children’s Hospital. Huntsville Children’s Hospital is a faith-based, pediatric-based hospital that serves the children and families of Huntsville and the surrounding regions. The hospital has an operating budget of more than $700 million per year, which is funded primarily through Medicaid and Medicare.

This hospital offers comprehensive primary and specialty care, inpatient and outpatient care, physician and surgeon services, and emergency care.

Huntsville Southern Research Foundation. The Huntsville Southern Research Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides support for women, children and families. The foundation conducts research into the causes of illness and promotes patient education. Some of the medical programs it supports include cancer prevention, community health programs, and immunizations.

Several other hospitals are also located in the area. They include the Birmingham-Southeastern University Hospital, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Valley Hospital, Birmingham Medical Center, Birmingham Hoover Hospital, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

At this time, the Huntsville hospital is not known to offer patient care that is identical to that found in any of these hospitals. The nearest women and children’s hospital are the Huntsville University Hospital.

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