Hypnosis Is Not Sometimes Used to Cure Anxiety Disorders

Hypnosis can be used to cure many disorders and addictions. But not all addictions are cured with hypnosis. In this article, I will reveal to you how hypnosis is used to cure certain addictions. This article may trigger some strong emotions, but if you’re ready to get help and find hope, read on.

A.) True. Even though, A, B and C are all addictions and hypnosis is not a cure-all. However, if you’ve tried everything else and still cannot get rid of your anxiety, hypnosis is sometimes used to treat these problems.

B.) False. While this may be true, it’s the source of the problem and not hypnosis per se. Hypnosis works from the subconscious mind, which is where the problem starts. So, in this case, you will definitely feel and see an improvement after a few sessions with a qualified hypnotist.

C.) False. Yes, this is true as well. However, hypnosis is not used to cure all anxiety disorders. It only treats specific types of anxiety problems. If your problem is panic or phobia, then you will be given a few sessions with a qualified hypnotist to cure your problem.

D.) False. Although this is true, hypnosis has nothing to do with mind control. Hypnosis works by using suggestions that your subconscious mind will take in during your sessions. It’s just that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between truth and what you think it to be.

E.) False. In this belief, hypnosis is sometimes used to replace some types of medication. There are many who do not believe in medication because they say that it is not natural. But in reality, it is very natural because it is a type of therapy. Just like any other form of therapy, it is used to relieve symptoms of an anxiety disorder. It also relieves the person from depression as well as from various phobias and other disorders that may be affecting them.

F.) False. You may have heard about hypnosis being used to replace some types of medication. This might be true for certain conditions but there is no medical proof yet that hypnosis is indeed effective in these cases. Moreover, it is not at all safe or advisable to use hypnosis to substitute medications because you will be putting your health at risk. And if your current medications are not working, there is no need to continue taking them as hypnosis may be too invasive to the brain.

G.) False. Hypnosis cannot cure an anxiety disorder completely. It is just a treatment. The treatment consists of relaxation, visualizing, suggestion, breathing and meditation. Hypnosis can help a person with an anxiety disorder by relaxing his mind and body and by offering suggestions to help him deal with his current problems. So hypnosis is not effective in curing anxiety disorder totally.

H.) False. Hypnosis can be used to overcome certain phobias. But there are also certain phobias that can be treated only by natural means. For example, one of the most common fears among people is the fear of flying. If you undergo hypnosis, you may overcome your fear of flying but hypnosis cannot make your fear go away completely.

I.) False. Hypnosis can cure some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders. But these are very limited. If you undergo hypnosis to deal with your panic attacks, you will feel no improvement in your condition even after a few sessions.

J.) False. During hypnosis, the hypnotist cannot force you to do anything against your will. So you can decide to discontinue the sessions at any time if you feel that you are being coerced. In fact, the therapist will often discourage patients from stopping the sessions early. You must be able to control your fear and remain relaxed during the session.

K.) False. This is a common myth. If you have been through hypnosis and if it was successful, then you may develop a mild fear after the procedure. But this fear is normal. Your body has its own mechanism that warns you when something is wrong. So hypnosis may not be necessary to cure your anxiety disorder.

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