How to Whiten Kids Teeth - Understanding Teeth Whitening

So, you’ve decided that your child needs braces and you are wondering, how to whiten kids teeth? While it may be rare for a kid to need braces as an adult, there are a few cases where it can be beneficial. If your child has yellowing or discolored teeth, or if they are developing deep cavities or gingivitis, you may want to consider some of the products on the market to help them with their oral care. Some of these products work for adults but not when it comes to children’s teeth.

There are a number of different whitening products available but the first step is to get them to see the dentist. This will ensure that they will be safe with the products that you choose. Most of the commercially purchased whitening products for children will contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These chemicals are safe for use in children but not when it comes to teeth. When used consistently over a long period of time, teeth whitening products for kids can result in severe dental problems.

Hydrogen peroxide can cause burning or stinging sensations as well as temporary sensitivity in the lips and mouth. For this reason, it is generally not recommended that youngsters use any of the over the counter or store bought teeth whitening products. Your pediatrician can give you the proper dosage for peroxide-based whitening gels and other whitening products. In most cases, how to whiten kid’s teeth will begin with removing the yellow teeth.

Teeth whitening kits for adults use a bleaching agent that is applied with a pen applicator. It is important to follow the directions carefully when using any type of teeth whitener product. Home teeth whitening kits for kids generally contain the same ingredients as those found in office whitening kits. These products include the peroxide solution, trays for the application of the solution and whitening gels or liquid strips. These products are specially formulated to treat mild to moderate yellow teeth and are not appropriate for all types of discolored teeth.

If your child has more serious yellow teeth than just a few shades lighter, you will want to seek the advice of your dentist. The professional can give you advice on the best toothpaste and other products for your child’s situation. In some cases, how to whiten kids’ teeth may include the use of at home teeth bleaching kits. If your child’s parents are providing the dental care, you should be allowed to use one of the at home products while you discuss the benefits and risks with your dentist.

Kids often have trouble maintaining proper oral hygiene. This can lead to more serious dental problems if yellow teeth are allowed to remain on their teeth. Whitening toothpastes or whitening strips often work effectively to remove stains from light yellow teeth. However, more serious yellow teeth may require treatments such as extractions and root canals.

While you are discussing how to whiten kid’s teeth with your dentist, be sure to keep the visits very short. Teeth whitening procedures take time to show results. Your children should not be expected to maintain proper brushing and rinsing habits while they are receiving treatment for yellow teeth. You should allow them to eat foods without toothpaste for a time period after treatment.

Although most kids will become satisfied with the results of their own whitening kit, if your child is not satisfied he or she may tell you. If this happens, how to whiten kids’ teeth may need to be adjusted. The amount of peroxide in the kit will likely need to be increased or the amount of gel used will likely need to be decreased. In addition, your child may want to be treated with an extra dose of whitening gel during the first few days after treatment.

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