How To Get Rid Of Raccoons Under Deck Without Using Any Methods

Raccoons can often be a problem when you have a pet dog or cat in the home and one of those pet dogs is around a raccoon that is often looking for a nice place to get away from people and other animals. There are some very effective ways of how to get rid of raccoons under deck. You can often see these raccoons scurrying along the side of the decking or wood structure of your home. The raccoon will often scurry along the baseboards, along baseboards, crawl spaces, and even the sides of the deck. There are some common ways that you can deal with a raccoon problem in your home and if you want to learn how to get rid of raccoons under deck or other areas of the house that can provide a raccoon entry point then you should read this article.

One of the most common ways of how to get rid of raccoons under the deck would be to use one-way doors. One-way doors are doors that open in one direction and once they reach the other side, they automatically open in the other direction. One-way doors are very popular in attics of homes and also in crawl spaces of homes because these are easy to open and close. They do not require any kind of keys and you can even cut them so that when you are shutting them off, you do not cut any holes for the raccoons to enter the house. This method is also good for blocking off an entrance into a crawl space. Once you install one-way doors on the entrances to your deck then you will be protecting yourself against a raccoon problem.

How to get rid of raccoons under the deck can also be achieved by using a net. The easiest way to get rid of raccoons from your deck is by using a net that surrounds the perimeter of the deck. When you cover the raccoons with the net, then they cannot enter the deck where they will spend their days basking in the sun. However, this method does not prevent them from entering your home; it only makes it hard for them to enter your home. If you are going to put up a net that surrounds your deck, then you will need to put some kind of lock to prevent the raccoons from opening the net.

Another method how to get rid of raccoons under the deck is to dig them up. Once you have set up the net around your deck, then you need to dig some holes in the ground around it. The holes should be deeper than what the raccoons are currently using as their nest. Once you have created the holes, then you need to bury the raccoon bodies under the earth and cover it with the soil. Afterward, you can fill the holes with the right kind of fertilizer and sprinkle some peppermint oil around them to keep the creatures away.

One of the best methods on how to get rid of raccoons from your deck is to make use of one-way doors. One-way doors are the entrance to a wildlife removal colony that prevents the raccoons from entering inside your home. This is effective especially if you live in a well-settled area because there is no natural entryway for the raccoons. However, one-way doors cannot be used if your deck has poor structure since the entrance might be too narrow for the animal. For one, the animal could easily squeeze through and then die as a result of suffocating.

Aside from one-way doors, there are other entrances that you can use. One example is putting up a shed-style entrance. This entrance is designed like a garage door with a frame made from timber. Using this type of entrance can ensure that the raccoons will not be able to get into your home, since you are not opening it from your deck. However, it might be too exposed and risky for you if you place a car in the shed-style entryway.

Another option on how to get rid of raccoons under the deck is putting netting around your deck. This is an ideal option if you do not want to use one-way doors or another method described earlier. You can put up netting to surround your deck and other outdoor areas such as porches. If you are using this option, it is important that you consider how you would entice the raccoons into your yard to begin with. For example, if there are a lot of animals in your neighborhood, you might consider putting up a raccoon feeder so these animals will come to eat once they see your pet raccoons each day.

With several methods on how to get rid of raccoons under the deck, you should have an easier time entice them into leaving your deck. However, keep in mind that prevention is still better than trying to get rid of them after they have already invaded your property. Preventing them from entering your property at all can be easier said than done. Thus, it is always best to take preventive measures and try to eliminate raccoons in your area as soon as they start appearing in your backyard.

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