How Media Use Affects Your Child - And What You Can Do About It

Media use is on the rise in today’s society and there are many ways that it can affect your child. Television and the Internet have caused an increase in risky behaviors. Online violence has also increased and is now a real problem in our society. We are seeing this problem not only in school but in the home as well. We have to realize that there are many ways that the media can influence our children, when we are not around to monitor what they are doing.

One of the effects of too much screen time is that it causes aggressive behavior. You will find that younger kids, especially girls, will do things like exchange harsh words on the computer, chat with people behind their back, and play violent games that will give them a lot of enjoyment and gratification. When you are not around to supervise, you will see these same kids getting very aggressive when they get into fights. The other effect is that they tend to do a lot of impulsive and risky behaviors.

Media is a very powerful force and kids are very susceptible to its effects. Aggressive behavior is one of the most common things that kids will be exposed to. Another way bad guys will find out is by having sex at a very young age. This will cause teenagers to be exposed to sex before they are ready and it is another cause for them to act in a way that is very unbridled.

The way that the media use affects your child is through the way they think. You see, they are being constantly told that violence solves problems and this is just the beginning. In actuality, this is a lie and it is being used as a motivational tool to get them to do things that will benefit society and not them. It is very unfortunate that children are being influenced this way.

They can easily get all sorts of bad effects from how media use affects your child. They will tend to become anti-social and start to have a hard time making friends. In actuality, they are just being overly sensitive and not really understanding the world around them. They will also be extremely jealous and will begin to try to prove their own manliness.

They will also be very self-centered and believe that they are better than everyone else. How media use affects your child is through how they feel about themselves and how society perceives them. If they feel like they are worthless, then they will begin to do everything in their power to make themselves feel better. They will also be obsessed with things like beauty, clothes, and food.

Media is a way for children to escape real life. When you are at home watching television and playing video games all day, it’s hard for your child to learn how to work and responsibility comes through real life. If you let them play video games all day long, then this will also have an effect on how they deal with responsibility. They will learn to get satisfaction from things that they might see as a game. Media images are always presented as real when they are being shown, which has the effect of teaching them to lie and trick the people around them into thinking what they are really about.

Media images are always sexualized, and this is another way how it influences your child. It teaches them that the only way they will be able to reach orgasm is by getting others to do it for them. How this plays out is that you child is going to use the other people as a means of getting what they want. This is a dangerous path for them to take and should be taken seriously.

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