How Many Calories in a Slice of Swiss Cheese?

How many calories in a slice of authentic Swiss cheese? For some people, it’s a question of life and death. Others are looking for an enjoyable yet nutritious snack. How many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese really count?

Swiss cheese is any cross of Emmental cheese, a popular yellow, low-fat, semi-soft cheese that originally originated in the Alps region around Emmental, Switzerland. It’s now usually classified as an Alpine or Swiss-style cheese. There are two kinds of Emmental cheese – one with skimmed milk solids in the case of Gauthier-Brett and Picolit, and another with whole or half-and-half milk.

The milk percentage doesn’t affect the amount of calories in a slice of Swiss cheese, but if you’re serving it sliced with other ingredients, like salad ingredients or fruit, the amount of fat may be lessening.

If you’re not counting calories when you buy this type of cheese, at least make sure it has no more than about 32 calories per serving. Other than that, there’s really no maximum amount of calories that can be added to a Swiss-style cheese slice.

But how many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese are fat? Experts estimate that cheese has no more than five calories per serving. That’s about half a cheese pizza or a third of a hamburger. Calorie intake depends on fat, carbohydrate and protein content, as well as the container and some preservatives.

So, how many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese depends on what you’re including: fat, carbohydrates, protein and the container’s preservatives. If you’re just buying a simple slice for snacks or to eat on its own, you probably won’t worry about portion control.

What’s the best way to know how many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese? Count calories. Most online nutrition sites have total caloric intake tables for common food items. Just look up your weight and then compare it to the tables for cheese.

The fat content of Swiss cheese is usually low. It’s in the whole range from one to two percent. The fat doesn’t add calories but it does make the cheese puffed up. And because cheese has a low carbohydrate content, most nutritionists consider it an excellent choice for snacks or an easy way to have a satisfying meal that’s low in fat.

The carbohydrates are the same as for most other cheese; they come mostly from sugar. The fat content, however, varies, depending on how much of the butter is used. Whole milk produces the highest fat content. Low-fat versions are available if you’re counting calories or are allergic to dairy. If you’re just after a fun snack that has a delicious flavor, choose a non-dairy cheese like brie or parmesan.

To learn how many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese, it’s important to understand how many calories are involved in each of those ingredients. A standard four-ounce (or about twenty-two or thirty-six gram) serving of Swiss cheese has about five hundred calories. This number is an average. If you want to know how many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese with specific ingredients, you should multiply the number by five or six for a rough estimate.

Even with the high fat content, a slice of Swiss cheese still has a relatively low number of calories. If you’re looking for information on how many calories in a slice of Swiss cheese, keep this in mind. High fat content cheese can have a significant effect on the number of calories you see in a serving, even when the cheese is the focal point of the meal. However, low fat Swiss cheese provides its own share of the cheese-slathered calorie count.

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