How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Last?

How long does gastric sleeve surgery last? This is a common question among people who are undergoing this procedure. The good news is that it will depend on many different factors. These include the type of operation you have, as well as other medical conditions you may be suffering from.

When it comes to the answer to the question how long does gastric sleeve surgery last, one thing is for certain: your results will vary from person to person. In fact, there are even some reports that the procedure might not work at all or may even result in an undesirable outcome. However, these reports are very rare. In most cases, your surgeon and the team performing the procedure are perfectly happy with the outcome.

There are two main types of this surgery: open and laparoscopic. Both require the insertion of a laparoscope, or a thin, tube-shaped scope that has a camera attached to it. Through this tool, doctors can see into your stomach to make sure that your upper stomach is not blocking food from moving down lower into your body. They can also look inside your body through the small holes that they cut into your stomach to get to the stomach.

The most common type of gastric sleeve surgery involves the release of some of the stomach’s adhesions. These are usually done with staples or small staples called staplasties.

After this procedure, your surgeon will be able to see your inner abdomen (the stomach area) and your upper portion of the small intestine (the sigmoid colon). Because there is little or no scar tissue left behind, most people do not notice any difference at all.

In fact, you may be so used to feeling full that you will not even be able to tell you have had any surgery at all! This is one of the biggest advantages to this type of procedure: you do not have to worry about having to go through the long and painful recovery process that accompanies a major weight loss surgery.

Open gastric sleeve surgery takes a little longer than laparoscopic surgery. Because the staples or staplasties need to stay in place for some time after the surgery, it can take a few days or even a week or two for them to heal.

Once the staples have begun to heal, however, you will find that you are feeling much better. Many people notice that they feel less pain or that their nausea has less of an impact after having this procedure done.

There are two other types of this procedure that can be performed to change the shape of your stomach. The most common one is vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This requires the doctor to use an instrument that is shaped like a hollow tube to create a small pouch in the upper section of your stomach. This pouch is then filled with saline or water.

This is done so that you will not feel food coming up through the pouch but instead it will fill up only with water. It also makes it easier for food to come up from the stomach.

Another type of this procedure that doctors use is the transverse banded gastroplasty. This involves placing a band around the top part of the stomach. The band will restrict the amount of food that can come up into the stomach. Because there is a strict ban on bulky food this way, people who have had gastric sleeve surgery often find that they do not have to change their diet that much at all.

Of course, the answer to the question above depends upon the type of gastric sleeve surgery that you have gone through. For example, if it was a transverse banded procedure, you may not have to change your diet at all.

However, if you had a duodenal switch, you may have to eat differently so that you will not put on weight that you are not used to. Your surgical doctor should be able to give you more information about how long does gastric sleeve surgery last.

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