Dealing With Severe Lower Back Pain During Period of Pregnancy

Have you ever experienced severe lower back pain during the period of pregnancy? This is one of the most discomforting feelings in a woman’s life. However, this pain is not a sign of bad health and you can easily get rid of it with proper treatment.

When the mother is pregnant, her body goes through several changes which include gaining weight, gaining muscle, and also the baby growing inside her. There are many reasons for back pain during pregnancy that most women do not even know about. But you should know about these causes to know how to treat them properly. Most of the women tend to ignore this pain thinking that it will go away with time.

In most cases, the lower back pain during pregnancy does not disappear after delivery. So you should start getting treatment to get rid of it. You should know about the causes of this pain so that you will know what to expect during the period of pregnancy and what steps to take for treating it.

Women are advised to avoid lifting heavy objects during pregnancy. This is to prevent the baby from straining the back muscles. In case of severe pain or if the back pain becomes unbearable you should go to a doctor immediately. These could be the symptoms of a pregnant condition called sciatica which needs immediate treatment.

The use of hot and cold packs can reduce pain. You should also do stretching exercises regularly to prevent back pain during pregnancy. If the back pain becomes severe you should contact your doctor and take suitable action.

Sciatica is often caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. This pain can become severe if it is left untreated. You should consult a doctor who will give you proper medication. The doctor will also examine your condition and will suggest the best course of action.

Severe pain during pregnancy is also caused due to the change in hormones. The size of the uterus has increased causing uterus pressure. This pressure is also accompanied by increased blood flow. This increased blood flow can cause damage to delicate structures of the back and abdomen. The uterus and other organs of reproduction are therefore at risk.

Another reason for the pain is due to nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause severe muscle and ligament strain. Pregnant women are advised to eat more foods rich in iron, magnesium, and folic acid. These vitamins are important in absorbing iron into the body and in rebuilding tissues. Fatty acids can also be absorbed into the body through the consumption of olive oil. These nutrients will help in rebuilding the damaged muscles and ligaments.

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy can cause severe discomfort. The level of estrogen and progesterone varies during pregnancy. During ovulation, the levels of these two hormones increase dramatically. This leads to excessive relaxation of muscles. Back pain during this period can be severe, but pregnancy and childbirth do not cause back pain by themselves.

Chronic back pain is a symptom of an underlying disorder. In this case, the pain is caused by abnormalities in the spine. Pain also arises because the nerves in the spine are compressed. In order to find a cure, the affected part must be examined by a medical practitioner.

Doctors use different methods to treat severe lower back pain during periods. One such method is the use of heat and ice packs. These methods relieve the pain by reducing inflammation. Radiotherapy is also used to treat severe lower back pain during periods. This treatment involves the use of radioactive substances to kill pain-causing cells in the body.

Physical therapy is also helpful in treating lower back pain during periods. This method helps strengthen the muscles of the back and relieve the pain. This therapy also strengthens the body and cures chronic pains. Heat pads and ice packs are other effective methods of relieving lower back pain during this period. Patients are advised to wear proper and comfortable clothing and take plenty of rest to recover from the pains.

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