Can Vaseline Be Beneficial For Your Baby?

You might have come across the term Vaseline for diaper rash on the internet. Well, it may sound pretty interesting but you must not take everything you read at face value. What you need to know is that Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that comes from crude oil. It is mostly used as a lubricant and cooking agent. If you do not know anything else about Vaseline then you would probably know that it cannot be used for skin care purposes because it does not provide you with what you need.

There are a number of other causes for which you can use cornstarch for diaper rashes and other such problems. For instance, there are a number of medications such as over the counter drugs that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide that may cause these types of skin issues. So, using Vaseline to soothe the rashes can prove to be hazardous. Therefore, anyone who is contemplating the use of Vaseline must conclude otherwise; can conclude that it’s not optimal for you to use Vaseline for curing the skin issue related to diaper rashes.

However, this does not mean that you should not use Vaseline at all. The use of Vaseline is also justified when you are treating diaper rash related to sudden temperature changes or birth defects in the infant. You will have to use cold water along with cornstarch for rashes to subside. However, it will not provide you with enough moisture to treat the rashes properly. Similarly, you will have to use a moisturizer along with Vaseline to avoid further damage.

You should also remember that there are some infants who cannot use cornstarch to soothe their rashes because they suffer from a severe skin ailment. If you happen to see such a case, you can safely use Vaseline to soothe the rashes rather than using cornstarch. Also, it will not provide you with enough protection. On the other hand, if you choose to use Vaseline and the baby is suffering from diaper rash because of the presence of chemical irritants, you should take extreme caution as these chemicals can be harmful for both you and the baby. Therefore, you should never use Vaseline in such circumstances.

Another reason why you should never use Vaseline on rashes is that it can result in the weakening of the adhesive bond between the diaper material and the outer surface of your baby’s skin. This can make it more prone to developing rashes and scaly skin. Hence, you should never use Vaseline on the rashes if you have just given birth to a baby and there are no marks associated with the rash. If there are markings on your belly, it means that the baby was inflicted with an acute diaper rash. You should take extreme care by avoiding using Vaseline in such cases.

When compared to Vaseline, petroleum jelly is a much better option because it provides better protection to the skin. So, whenever you give birth, you should always use petroleum jelly on the rashes because it can prevent the rash from worsening. Besides, petroleum jelly can also easily be stored in a cupboard without any worries of spills. Furthermore, petroleum jelly is cheap, easy to use, and doesn’t cost a lot.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that Vaseline can actually be good for your baby as it can help to prevent rashes and itching. However, you must be careful when applying it on the skin of your baby. You should only apply a small amount of Vaseline on the affected area and only if you are assured that the area is safe. As a general rule, you should only use Vaseline if you are certain that the skin is totally dry and there are no signs of dehydration or any open wounds. Always remember that you should never use Vaseline on a baby who has any open wounds on his/her body.

So, that Vaseline and petroleum jelly can work effectively together to help you relieve the symptoms of a baby rash, you should always use them together. For example, when treating diaper rash, always apply the Vaseline on the area and leave it for at least ten minutes. Then, use petroleum jelly on the area and leave it for another ten minutes. If you wish to use Vaseline without petroleum jelly, then you should do it after the second application. Finally, you can wash the area with water to remove all the excess Vaseline. As a result, your baby will always be protected from rashes and irritation.

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