Are You Awake During Lasik?

Most LASIK vision correction surgery candidates spend so much time anxious about being able to tell their friends that they are awake during laser eye surgery. And the answer really is, you probably will be asleep during the LASIK surgery.

There are very few reasons why this would cause you any concern or anxiety whatsoever and no reason why you shouldn’t be totally awake during the surgery. During the LASIK surgery your eyes are held open by two small glasses. One is for you to keep blinking in and out while the other one holds your eyes open during the whole process.

Some patients worry about whether they will see clearly or not during the laser vision correction procedures because they are so dependent on seeing their near and distant friends that sometimes they feel they need to sit down or lie down to do this.

During the healing process the patient’s eyes are held open to allow them to heal faster and for their eyes to be free from post-operation pain. This can be extremely uncomfortable for some patients. It is important to remember though that this is normal.

Another common question asked by patients is “are you awake during last?” Most LASIK patients report being awake for about ten minutes after the procedure. In fact, it takes some patients quite awhile to get completely healed and are they still awake? The answer to this question is “yes” and “no” and depends on how you react to the LASIK surgery.

Many patients experience dry eye or halos. This is simply a temporary symptom that usually goes away within a few days or a week or two. Some patients experience itching and soreness around the eyes. Some also experience glare when looking at lights in the distance and others experience no visual symptoms at all. Normally, none of these effects occur with lASIK.

One of the biggest questions patients ask is “are you awake during laser eye procedure?” The short answer to this question is “No.” Again, some patients experience these symptoms, but for the most part they are gone after a week or two.

You should always discuss the risks, benefits and complications with your doctor before deciding if you are going to have the procedure done. It is also a good idea to check with your surgeon regarding post-operative instructions and to ask for help if you are having any complications or your vision worsens after surgery.

Many people ask “are you awake after lasik?” and are able to get up from bed within five minutes to drive to the hospital or doctor’s office. Some surgeons require that you remain in bed for a few days, but many do not. There have been cases where patients have had to stay in bed for several days following the procedure because the surgical area was too cold for them to get the laser.

“Are you awake during last?” is still a valid question, even if you are probably not going to remember much after surgery. The important thing is that you have completed your recovery and you are able to see clearly. LASIK will cause dryness of the eyes and you may experience some redness for several days. Some patients even experience blurred vision for several weeks, but those occurrences fade away quickly.

If you are wondering “are you awake during lasik eye surgery? “, you can relax. LASIK can be a very safe procedure when everyone follows the recommended guidelines. Remember that the patient is the most important person here, and all doctors are aware that the patient wants to recover as quickly as possible so they should always give patients the information they need.

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