What Can You Get Yourself Pregnant?

So can you get yourself pregnant from fingering? For many couples, fingering is an integral part of the intercourse act but it certainly can’t make you infertile. In fact fingering before sex is sometimes used as a method of avoiding intercourse in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So can you get yourself pregnant from fingering?

Firstly, if you’re trying to avoid intercourse and you’ve already had sex this isn’t the best time because you have more chance of getting pregnant by using other natural methods. This includes the turkey baster method. This is a method that many couples use to get pregnant without intercourse. By utilizing the turkey baster method a woman applies a certain amount of pressure onto the egg in order to induce ovulation in her body.

The cervical mucus can also make fertility less difficult when attempting to get pregnant. If the cervical mucus is present and sperm is able to swim through this cervical mucus, it will be much easier to fertilize an egg. Mucus can sometimes have a foul odor and since sperm is able to live for just a short time it is important to recognize the early signs of cervical mucus. This mucus can also change its consistency and may look like menstrual cramps.

You can try a few things to help with cervical mucus. Try lubricating the vaginal area after intercourse. You can do this by applying some sort of lotion or oil to the outer portion of your vagina. Avoid using any sort of vaginal lubricant because it will make penetration much more difficult. If you can get your partner to apply some sort of lubricant this can definitely decrease irritation and improve penetration.

You also want to try something before you have intercourse in order to determine what your most fertile days are. Some women find that intercourse occurs most often around ovulation. You can determine this by making an appointment with your doctor and getting an appointment for a simple blood test. If you notice a significant difference in the color of your urine before and after sexual intercourse this is an indicator of ovulation. Ovulation will also have a significant effect on the amount of time that you will be fertile during your cycle.

A common question asked by many women who are trying to get pregnant is, “can you get tired pregnant?”. This is a question that actually has an answer. If you are trying to get pregnant and you are having problems then you may need to take it easy. You should not push yourself beyond your limits and do not excessively exert yourself. The cervical mucus can cause you to be tired and you should try to avoid having sex on these days.

Another question asked is, “do you like your pictures?”. Do you look at them frequently or just when they come out? Pictures have been shown to increase the chances of conception. If you are having a hard time trying to get pregnant and see a lot of pictures of the children you already have then you should think about changing this habit. Try looking at children that are a couple of years older or younger than yours. Sometimes when you look at older pictures you tend to prefer them over a younger child, this can also affect your attempts to get pregnant.

One last question often asked is, “do you plan to have more than one baby?”. If you are trying to get pregnant and you already have a child, you should try to have another child once your first child is born. Having another child can help you conceive as it increases the number of sperms that are able to swim to the egg. If you are not planning to have any more children after the birth of your first child then you will need to work on lowering the cervical mucus so that sperm can be deposited near the eggs.

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