What Are Some Good Foods For Healthy Skin?

For years now, it’s been understood that there is a direct correlation between eating good fats and having healthy skin. The logic goes like this: the healthier you eat, the better your skin will be able to defend itself from the ravages of time. Now there are foods for healthy skin available which may surprise you…

First on the list is fish oil. Many people don’t realize that we actually need this nutrient in order to have healthy skin. It is one of the most powerful nutrients available, and when consumed in its raw form, it is more powerful than vitamin D, vitamin A or vitamin E combined. It also provides omega 3 fatty acids – essential fatty acids that your body needs for cell membranes to function properly. In fact, all fats are required by the body in order to build cell membranes, so adding fish oil to your diet is a no-brainer.

Next on the list is essential fatty acids. These include both the good type, or EPA, as well as the bad type, or DHA. They are not only beneficial to your health, but they are also the body’s natural sunscreen against harmful UV rays from the sun. When you have adequate amounts of these fats in your diet, it helps protect you from the development of premature wrinkles, skin discoloration, and other skin problems.

Last on the list is avocados. Avocados contain a type of fat known as monounsaturated fat. This fat is similar in makeup to the skin’s own natural oils, and while it may at first seem like an unnecessary addition to your diet, it can actually help your skin to become healthier. Like fatty fish, it is a source of vitamin e, and vitamin e is essential for healthy skin, as well as cell membranes. Eating avocado is a sure way to ensure that you get enough vitamin e into your body.

Sunflower seeds are another food that you may have not considered to be a healthy snack. However, sunflower seeds are loaded with magnesium, potassium, and iron, all of which help build strong healthy bones and muscles. This makes them an excellent addition to a healthy diet. While there is some debate about whether eating sunflower seeds is good for you, many experts do agree that there is a benefit to adding them to your diet. If you don’t like the taste of sunflower seeds or would prefer something else for your snack, nuts are a great alternative that can provide you with almost the same amount of nutrition. Walnuts, almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts are all good choices when it comes to nuts for healthy skin.

Some people like to include avocados in their diet, but others do not. This is largely due to the fact that they are considered a “rich” food. Avocados are a “rich” food because they contain almost no fat and are actually considered to be a very good source of nutrition. Like with nuts, avocados are also a great addition to a healthy skin diet. Avocados are a great source of vitamin A and have been used by many cultures as a way to keep the skin young and smooth.

While there are many good foods for healthy skin out there, these 4 seem to be on the top of the list. If you include one or more of these foods in your daily diet, you will find that you have good, strong, healthy skin that stays that way without the help of any special lotion. Remember that even though these foods are considered “frivolous”, they are really good for your body in a number of ways.

So, what is the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin e? I recommend getting it from natural sources. These include fruits and vegetables, which are often much more difficult to grow and much more expensive than supplements. However, the fruits and vegetables that are the most nutritious include avocado and kiwi fruit, as well as red bell peppers and sweet potatoes. In fact, all of these fruits and vegetables are good for you, so get them as much as possible!

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