Tampons Take Your Virginity Away?

If you are the sort of girls who are thinking about having sex, and whether it involves vaginal intercourse or oral sex, I’m sure you have been confronted with the question “do tampons take your virginity?”. If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. For many women, having an experience in which they had an active role in the sexuality means that they often worry about what might happen after the fact. And there are some disturbing questions associated with this. We’ve asked them all before, and here are some responses that we received.

“Tampons take your purity away.”

From a boyfriend who likes to keep his options open when it comes to sex. Of course, he likes to have options, but this comment implied that if you’ve had a child, or if you’ve had premarital sex, that your purity is gone forever. Of course, we don’t generally subscribe to this extreme, but it’s certainly a consideration. What can you do?

“Tampons take your purity away because they don’t contain sperm. So, you won’t be able to fertilize any eggs.”

From a girl who has been raised to think that her only option in the bedroom was pregnancy. This is a popular myth, and it has the ability to make even the most intelligent girl open her mind a little bit. If you are trying to conceive, it is of course better not to take any chances.

“Tampons take your purity away because they don’t taste good.”

From a girl who probably does not realize that she is being subjected to an invasive sexual encounter. Again, this is a common myth. Tampons are designed to be gentle and tasty, and they actually do have a slightly bitter taste. Furthermore, some flavors are designed specifically to appeal to women who may not traditionally have a preference for flavored, feminine products. It is definitely worth a try!

“Tampons take your purity away because they are too dirty and it is not hygienic.”

From a girl who probably doesn’t understand why she feels uncomfortable with her vagina being exposed to menstrual blood or secretions when she is trying to become pregnant. Again, this is a myth. Even if it were true, which I’m not sure if it is, there is no reason to feel guilty about any of it.

“Tampons take your purity away because they will destroy your vagina.”

Again, from a girl who probably do not understand why she feels so guilty about her body, and who probably does not want to deal with dealing with potentially messy menstrual cycles or using a douche. Periods are very normal and necessary to a woman’s reproductive functions.

“Tampons take your purity away because they can make your baby smell bad.”

A girl who has never had a child and is very unlikely to be able to have one, even if she wants to. She also doesn’t need to deal with smelly diapers and the hassle of having to clean them every few days. If she is truly a virgin, she will not mind her baby smelling badly. There are several brands of pre-paid disposable pads on the market that have no smell and do not destroy the vagina.

“Tampons take your purity away because they will dry up your vagina and make you bleed during your period.”

Again, a girl who has never had a child and does not need to deal with menstrual pains. She can choose to use a pad or she can use a pillow-top protector to keep her vaginal area dry. She can choose to use the tissue in her vagina or she can just wait it out.

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