Is Having 4 Kids Really Stressful?

Having four kids is already an overload for any couple. There’s a feeling that the whole family will start fighting and quarreling over who gets to do which things first, who has to do what, and worst of all who needs to pay for all this. A large family size also means you’ll have to share the responsibility of looking after your children when they are very young, which can be quite difficult to do. Not to mention you already have issues to deal with like your partner’s salary and getting enough sleep at night. But there is always a way around this.

One solution is having more than one kid. Why? Because having a large family doesn’t mean having a large house, and you don’t need to buy a huge amount of property in order to have a peaceful and happy life. There is a reason why The Hunger Games series exists, people actually do live in families of four. So pretty sure you can shift your budget to buying a smaller house if that’s what you really want.

But having a small family size doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. In fact, a large family size can sometimes be boring. You might find yourself neglecting your kids and not spending as much time as you used to, especially when your kids are very young. You’ll probably feel guilty, but there’s really nothing you can do.

What’s the solution then? Have another kid, another set of parents, or a new marriage to make up for the boredom you’re feeling? There is always a solution if you have more than four children, and the best solution is by simply moving your family to a place with less traffic. Why should your children have to be the cause of your stress, when you can avoid it? That’s right, by getting a bigger house, you can actually lower your stress levels as a whole, by making your home less likely to be a victim of boredom and commotion.

So, how about moving to a smaller city, or a smaller suburban area? How does having four kids in one house seem to reduce your stress then? The number one reason is that smaller cities seem less crowded. In a large city there’s a lot of stuff going on, so kids don’t have to be the main focus of your family. In a smaller town or city, the parents’ attention is divided, and kids don’t seem to be an afterthought.

Maybe having a large family just means that you’ll get a lot more things done. Having 4 kids seemed like a big waste of time at the beginning, since you’d have to do a lot more shopping, cooking, cleaning, and shopping. And that’s before you even took care of the children themselves. Now you also need to worry about who will take care of the little ones when you’re not around. It seems like it would take twice as long for your money to go to waste.

But if you think a big family size is a good idea, what should you look for in a city that has a good economy? Well, obviously, it needs to have plenty of schools, since kids from a young age depend on getting their education. Also, since there’s a big emphasis on having a good quality of life, there should be many parks, community centers, and other places for kids to play together. There should be some places for kids to do outdoor activities such as sports, bike riding, walking, or skating.

So, if having four kids is stressful, what are some other options for living a satisfying life? Maybe moving to another neighborhood, or maybe having two homes instead of four is a better option. Maybe having a big family of one is not such a good idea. If you think having a large family is stressful, try having two homes, or even just live in an apartment with three or four roommates. Live simply, get out and enjoy the world around you, and it will be less stressful!

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