How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night

Most babies can be weaned off the bottle at night by six months of age. Usually, this means at least six months old. This is a simple step-by-step chart to assist you if you’re certain that your baby is on track to night weaning: How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night. Making a Bedtime Bottle Ritual That isn’t dependent on a bottle or breast. You can create your own bedtime routine that won’t require a bottle or breast.

There are many reasons that baby may not be ready for a night weaning. This usually happens because the baby was bottle fed throughout the day. At night, bottle feedings are less frequent and more frequent feedings are done with breast milk or formula. Some babies just don’t like the taste of formula or breast milk at night, even if they have had a bottle feedings all day. These babies may still be hungry when you get up in the morning.

How to Wean Baby Off Bottle At Night If your baby has been bottle fed for 6 months or more, you may be wondering how to wean a baby off the bottle at night when you get up in the morning. It is actually quite simple. Just start gradually decreasing how often you bottle feed. For instance, at night you can stop feeding your child a half hour before you get up.

How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night When you get up in the morning, make sure that you are carrying the baby with you are sitting on the toilet with the bottle in your hand. Drink a half-full bottle of breast milk or formula. Turn the bottle upside down. Drink two bottles of milk (one-half full and one full), no more, no less.

How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night If your toddler is nursing, attempt night weaning by removing the nipple pin. Move your little one’s bottom toward yours until she is almost touching your hip. Then slowly remove the milk feeding from her mouth and replace it with her bottle. Do this several times a day until the little one no longer feels hungry. When she is not hungry, try night weaning by removing the pacifier and putting her back to sleep on her own.

How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night If your baby has gotten accustomed to breastfeeding, you can use the same technique when you are taking her to bed. Cover her bottom with her diaper during the night-time feeding. Put the pacifier back in her mouth when she wakes up in the morning. You should notice a huge difference in her behavior in a week.

How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night One of the most successful methods for transitioning bottle-fed babies to mother’s breast milk is to supplement breast milk with a good quality protein supplement. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a minimum of a thirty-gram protein supplement for infants each day. Try adding a few drops of a liquid whey concentrate to the bottle-fed baby’s milk at night. These supplements can also be added to formula or powdered baby foods. Your baby should be eating solid food three to four months after starting solid foods.

How to Wean Baby Off Bottle at Night Once you have figured out the best way for your particular baby, remember to give it enough time. Bottle-feeding babies take longer to wean than bottle-fed ones. A wean process that takes up to five minutes can take as long as six to seven minutes. Some experts even recommend that you don’t introduce solid foods until after your first feeding. Try five minutes and see how your baby reacts.

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