Can Babies Eat Greek Yogurt?

Can babies eat Greek yogurt? That is a good question. It seems natural enough right?

Here is the deal: many researched and studied the best commercial yogurt brands for infants and compiled this short list for you. Now: before you go review the results, there are some important key considerations to remember when giving baby Greek yogurt:

* During the first year of life, generally speaking, infants cannot have a yeast infection by nature. Therefore, it is important not to give them yogurt or any sweetened yogurts with sugar. Some of the best brands of yogurt are Calpella, Kifir, Mellow Yellow Gold, and Hefty Clump. Many pediatricians also recommend that you avoid giving too much fruit yogurt to your newborn. Most brands of the best yogurt for babies plain whole-milk yogurt provide only a small amount of sugar (less than one tablespoon).

* During the first six months of life, most babies can digest lactose well enough so that they do not need any sugar added to their diet. The lactose is not broken down so it passes right through as sugar. Do not give your baby any yogurt that contains glucose or table sugar (as it will pass right through) during the first six months of life. Of course, as the child grows and begins eating solid foods, you may give him some yogurt occasionally. However, you will want to carefully read the labels to be sure it does not say “stirred” on it. There are many brands of yogurt that are labeled “stirred”, and these can actually cause problems for a baby’s digestive system.

* You should also know that natural, unsweetened breast milk is the best food for babies to begin with. There are many brands of breast milk available today that still contain some vitamins and minerals and are sweetened with aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. These are not the best choices for a baby. Not only are they expensive (as much as $4.00 for a cup of frozen), but they are full of harmful ingredients that can cause your baby to have health problems. Natural, unsweetened breast milk is the best choice for feeding your baby, especially if you are breastfeeding.

* The best dairy products for infants are cow’s milk and goat’s milk. Avoid soy milk or rice milk, which can also contain the same unhealthy ingredients that you are trying to avoid. Although it is rare, some formulas do include yogurt in its formula. Although this is alright in most cases, it is wise to look for yogurt that has been processed the least.

* Yogurt is typically mixed with breast milk, because it is easier to digest. However, it is important to note that you can eat both yogurt and milk, if you prefer. Just remember that milk is the best option to provide your baby with the necessary calcium that he or she needs. When mixed with yogurt, however, the calcium in yogurt can be lost in the paste, and some parents have discovered that their infants didn’t seem to like either one. To solve this problem, pureed or strained yogurt can be added to formulas, but it is important that the yogurt should be strained to avoid losing the beneficial components of the lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that are naturally present in breast milk.

As you can see, there is more than one answer to the question can babies eat Greek yogurt? In general, yes, because there are beneficial cultures and probiotics in it, which will help build up the immune system of your little one. You might also consider adding a spoonful of honey to the formula as well, because not only does it taste so good, but it can also work as an additional source of sweetness for your baby. In fact, experts recommend that you add about two tablespoons of honey to a feeding of a cup of baby formula.

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