Baby Stuffy Nose - How to Cure It?

Baby stuffy nose is a common condition among sinus infection infants. This condition is caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane and the membranes that line the sinuses. Inflammation in this area leads to congestion, which causes the mucous to be re-absorbed and it becomes thick thus blocking the nasal passageway.

This blockage hinders air from coming in and out of the nasal cavities, causing pain and discomfort for the infant. A sinus infection infant often wakes up crying in the middle of the night due to this pain. Hence, treating this condition becomes top priority for these infants.

Many people think that sinusitis or the swelling of the sinuses is the same thing as an allergy. However, they are not. Allergies are more commonly caused by allergens that were discovered in the surrounding environment. But sinusitis is more likely to be caused by a bacterial infection called rumenitis. The symptoms of both conditions are the same.

There are several treatments available for a baby stuffy nose in babies. The treatment usually depends on the severity of the condition and on the age of the child. For mild cases, decongestants like Sudafed or Lidocaine can help to relieve the pain and shorten the duration of the cold.

Parents are advised to keep the cold moistened with saline drops until the symptoms subside. Decongestants can also be prescribed to prevent further irritation of the sinus membranes.

If decongestants do not work or if the drainage of mucus from the sinuses is not sufficient, then steroid tablets may be recommended by the doctor. These medicines relieve the congestion in the sinus passages. The nasal sprays that contain hydrocortisone, an anti-inflammatory agent, lubricate the lining of the sinuses.

It prevents inflammation of the mucous membranes in the sinus cavities. If there is a severe case of sinusitis, then antibiotics may be required. However, these should only be prescribed after the doctor has verified that the cause is sinusitis rather than some other disease.

The use of nasal irrigation is another successful method of treating baby stuffy nose in babies. In this procedure, a solution of saline is poured into the nasal cavities, thereby forcing out all the mucous which is present inside the nasal cavities.

This helps to unclog the sinus passages and provide instant relief. A nasal spray may also be used in combination with decongestants.

The doctors often recommend the use of humidifiers in baby stuffy nose cases, especially when there is congestion. Such devices allow the mucus to drain naturally without producing any smoke. This method has proven extremely effective for many babies.

A warm compress may also help in curing baby stuffy nose in babies. Just cover the nose gently with a towel, keeping it near the nose until the irritation subsides. Warm compresses can also ease the pain.

Most of the allergies tend to be caused by the dust and the animal dander, which are always present in the environment. These allergens not only cause severe symptoms like runny nose and red eyes but also cause serious problems in the overall health of the child.

Allergens are very small particles and they can get easily trapped in the respiratory system. Hence, all those people who have sensitive skin should avoid taking a bath or shower with water that has any chemicals like chlorine or ammonia in it.

Some doctors also suggest taking antihistamines for curing baby stuffy nose. However, there are many parents who do not think that this is an advisable measure. According to them, giving antihistamines to a baby is a waste of money and it is also not safe for their little kids.

In fact, antihistamines are known to cause sleeplessness in children. If you think that your baby is suffering from allergies and stuffy nose, then you can take him to a doctor and ask for prescribed medicines.

There are natural remedies that can be used as baby stuffy nose cures. A few drops of peppermint oil can soothe the symptoms of your baby. This natural remedy helps in reducing runny nose and clearing congestion.

Another cure is the use of tomato in cooking. You can mash up the tomato in small pieces and add it to your food.

Other than these cures, there are several products available in the market which can help in curing baby stuffy nose. These products can be easily found at any pharmacy and they are quite effective in treating the problem.

However, before buying any of these products, make sure that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients. This will prevent you from getting seriously ill.

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